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they're sanforized, they won't shrink to much when get soak or wash.In my experiences, they will back to original size after 2 or 3 wears.
i really want to see your raw denim fades collection!!! show us please
1 year and about 10x wash/soak thank you
UB221 fit pic    
i'm currently wearing levi's 501 for daily wear, but i've been waiting my another custom raw denim in making processes ( 14oz indigo x indigo )THANK YOU anyways !!!  i did my first wash after 4.5months in row wearing.. i wash/soak a lot because i wear my denim every time and everywhere ( indoor and outdoor activities) thats really make my ub221 gross and dirty ...
The Unbranded brand ub221 since 8 April 2013 +/- 10x washes / soak         detail  
this is my ub221 8 months. 7 washes      
 so far my 221's have 1 soak 1 handwash and 1 seawashed , i dont really care about "6 months" rules , because when my 221's 3months that looks like 6/7 months denim.
ub221 after 5 months wear.    
hi guys this is my ub  
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