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Ok, pictures:       Poor lighting so probably appears a bit darker than usual. Fine cotton, tailored fit. Double cuff (just with button cufflinks at mo but would probably use silk knot - I'm in UK so I can be forgiven!!). Unwashed/unironed so will probably look neater once laundered. A jacket seems to hug the cutaway collar nicely. Medium brown silk/wool tie. Charcoal trousers. (Excuse the tags which are still on). I also have a dark olive tie (same texture) which...
I just picked up a POW check shirt like this, but with a finer pattern:     It's one of my more ambitious attempts - do they work as dress shirts? I was thinking of pairing with a reddish brown silk/wool (blend) tie or something similar. Grey trousers/suit?
What do you do when the shirt collar size you've been wearing for ages suddenly seems too tight? I have a wardrobe full of 15" shirts and recently they seem to be choking me. When I originally joined the forums I posted up some pics of 15.5" shirts and was advised to drop down. I think that was a good decision, it seems not long ago that a 15.5" left a gaping gap.   Maybe I've just put on a tiny bit of weight - can small fluctuations in weight have a dramatic effect on...
I think that looks amazing ! nicely done 
I think this one is quite bold, I've ordered a similar one which should be slightly more muted with more subtle dots :)
Ah good, well I'm sure the concept works, but concerned it's too bright/loud and looks kinda ugly closer? (nvm the shirt, due to be laundered)   
Does it work...?       Yellow with solid blue spots. Pretty loud. Haven't tucked shirt as was wearing jeans so just threw it on with a shirt for image purposes (though for some weird reason this tie actually is kinda crooked on that left hand side, might actually exchange for another...).   Cheers guys
Hi guys,   Just wondering if you approve of these checkered designs for smart/formal, to be worn with a tie? Pretty much a novice when it comes to checks (as well as stripes!!)...   First is a blue/light pinky check shirt...   Second blue check shirt... Probably to be worn with a plain tie or perhaps with spots.    Thanks guys
Just so you know, and it's kinda hard to see in the pic, but the stripes are actually kinda purple/pink adjacent, so it's not solid purple - I think this tempers it somewhat, but it's still bold.
Yes I have just noticed this reading around, that the 'Classic' is very literal here, in future I'll try and avoid making posts that are obviously not consonant with the general trends in this forum
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