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 Stetson and Dobb are the same company just two different lines of hats. Dobb's have more "fashion" styles than Stetson both made in the same plant.There should be sales on Milan hats right now as summer season is over in most of the US. If your friend has a small hat size you might be able to find a hat cheap on eBay but anything over a 7 1/4 will cost you as much as a Stetson or Dobb's  if you want a decent looking hat.
Well at a price of 30 dollars you are not going to get much of a hat.You might want to look at Stetson Milan's generally go for 85.00 dollarsHere is the New Hall model.
Very nice job. is this offered in other colors of Chambray? An what would be the cost?
I had silver tab shirts and jeans. Liked them better than orange tab stuff LVC is pushing this season.
In general these type of store hats don't flatter ones facial features. As seen in the above pictures. General a brim of 2 inches to 2 and 1/2 inches work best. There are online sources for hats like this but most stores that the average man has access to does not carry such hats. I have vintage hats and custom hats. When I first started wearing hats I bought a few of the hats modeled above and they are now are not worn. Once you start wearing hats you start to learn what...
You could do so much better. These store bought hat really do not work with your face shape. Head over to the Fedora Lounge and read and look at all the threads and you will see what real hats are suppose to look like.
The problem with color and the web is that not every monitor is color managed. An also most web browsers do not follow the ICC color profile. I use a color spyder on my monitor to make sure the color is correct. The average user can not correct tell the color of a picture on the web. They just don't have the equipment...
Cone denim Is main supplier on selvedge denim.
you replace the www. with dl. in the url to get the picture to show up     Like this.:)
Cooldude I would go to an Allen Edmonds store and get yours shoes. All this time you spent running cost you money and time. When you could have just gone to a store that had the shoe in stock.
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