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I bought the shetland crewneck in bark in Large, any chance anyone bought the XL and would like to size down? Drop me a PM. Thanks. 
Really regretting not jumping on a spiewak parka a couple weeks back, If by chance anyones got a black snorkel in a 38/40 theyre thinking of selling, kindly send me a PM. Thanks. 
Yeah I got several pulls on my heirloom as well. I just had my mother in law who knits, fix it and its good as new.
Thanks Buckeye - went back to your review and it was helpful. I'm an 11E on the leydon so in the 11D Grant theyre tight. I do think I will need the boots give more than yours needed to give.
PSA: I have a pair of Cigar cap toe boots from Alden DC in 11 D and they are just a smidge tight. Is the consensus that they wont stretch out to fit as I wear them? PM me if you'd like them and just pay for my shipping cost to you or they will be going back to Alden DC by the end of week. Thanks all.
And sold!
 Ahh okay, sorry to hear. Great deal here. I seem to possess an inbetweener size that doesnt fit any SF members haha.
Or it will fit TTS if you have wider feet!
It's tagged as a US 10.5 D, should fit a size US 11D.
Thought I'd start a new thread with some new pictures for these after some encouragement from a fellow member.   I currently have a pair of BNIB C&J for Ralph Lauren Gianni's in size 10.5 D for $750 including shipping.These are brand new and never worn. I purchased these on sale in November 2013 but they do not fit so my loss is your gain.   Terms and Conditions:   These shoes are in brand-new-in-box (BNIB) condition. No returns will be accepted, please know your...
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