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Int'l Male is geared toward the flamboyant gay male demographic. The one place where you might actually see a bunch of men in those outfits is at one of the homosexual circuit parties that make their way around the country...NYC...New Orleans...Palm Springs...etc... I worked in SF for 7 years. My co-workers actually went to these things and shared stories you would not believe.
I love bow ties, but you absoluyely most be wearing a vest or a jacket. Also, if your sleeves are kind of billowy, you might look a bit silly. Slim cut shirts go better with bow ties IMO
My e-bay stuff I usually have a few items going on e-bay if anyone is interested. -Tom
Stegmann clogs are my preference for "slippers" Pic
Navy sb blazer, grey flannels, lace ups, and a repp tie. You'll not only NOT look out of place, you'll get compliments if you are the most well dressed. If you are conspicuous, you can always pull off the tie and stuff it in a pocket. -Tom
On such beautiful shoes, I'd just get them resoled when they need it, and otherwise not mess with the soles. -Tom
Sorry, I meant the color cordovan (burgundy, oxblood, merlot, what have you). I have a pair of LLoyd model AEs in burgundy, but I don't like the finish. Too "plasticy" for me. But I love my black Byrons. -Tom
What is the finsish on this model? Is it shiny and "plasticy"? ot is it nice?
Well, I now own the Brioni Blazer. Here's hoping it fits. If it does, it is one great deal.
Allen Edmonds at Nordstrom rack is the ticket. -Tom
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