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I may have good posture, but I need to lose one of my chins. Okay, I know I look dorky , but i need to figure out a better doc coat. These polyester things are horrible. Any ideas?
Gregory, You must have huge cojones. I'd say, unless you are hunting, those particular cords are a bit much. -Tom
FIHTies, Yes, one or the other... I have a funny shape. Big neck (17"), but otherwise a 42 regular (suit). So either I wear shirts that are way too big, or buy Jantzen. Jantzen has been sort of a let down, including poor fit in places. I just tried a TM Lewin (OTR), getting closer. Thomas Pink are like tents, Zegna is too baggy and the neck is too tight on the 43. It's just not easy, and I certainly cannot afford bespoke at this stage in my career. -Tom
Personally, I think that flannel plaids are great, if you are raking the lawn. Other than that, nah. -Tom
Jantzen..... I had five jantzen shirts. They all fit "okay". Neck, length, sleeve length, chest and waist all were good. But details...The upper sleeve is too billowy on all of them. I wish they had a tighter arm hole. Anyway, my biggest issue is durabiltiy. The cuff seam blew out after three wearings on one (i hand stitched it back together and continue to wear it). Then , two days ago, the elbow blew out on another after about seven wearings. I am slowly moving back in...
In order from least to most... 5. Great pair of jeans or khakis 4. Navy Blazer with rep tie 3. Grey flannel dress pants 2. Good watch (heirloom is best) 1. Perfect leather lace ups. IMO, if you are not on a motorcycle, leather jackets are lame.
added a few things... thomas pink, tm lewin, etc...
I wear the occasional bow tie, my sport coat has contrast stitching, and I am a big fan of vests... but the one thing I really like, that most of you will probably be appalled to hear, is my class ring. Yep, big ol class ring. -Tom
me too. -Tom
Int'l Male is geared toward the flamboyant gay male demographic. The one place where you might actually see a bunch of men in those outfits is at one of the homosexual circuit parties that make their way around the country...NYC...New Orleans...Palm Springs...etc... I worked in SF for 7 years. My co-workers actually went to these things and shared stories you would not believe.
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