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Quote: Clergy who don't wear all black; anyone else who does. I think all black is also okay on Executioners and Judges. Oh yah, and Ninja.
Thanks for the approval gents. I will be moving to Providence, RI in June of 2005 to open a practice with a friend there. I'll let you all know when it happens, and you can refer all of your friends.
lol. you're on the ball FIHTies.
I e-mailed before buying, I was worried about the size. After a brief exchange, I was told that my money would be refunded if the fit was not right. The fit, as estimated by the esteemed seller, was perfect, and now it's my favorite jacket. -Tom
I love vests, wear them all the time, in fact, I look just like that guy (subliminally.... phone number is 867-5309). Yah, great vest, yah.
I prefer an obvious saggital crease along the legs. -Tom
Okay, how about this one, is this combination any better? I really think I can do this bowtie thing. Paul Stewart tie, TM Lewin shirt, crappy lab coat, Carolina Herrera glasses.
I actually don't spend any time in an actual "lab" anymore, and when I did, I wore a heavy smock. I wear the "short" white coat, also called the "consultation" coat, as part of my business uniform. As a chiropractor, I feel that the standard business suit doesn't make sense, and the white coat seems more germane to my position as a doctor. I'd love to have one that is a bit more refined, and designed for appearance more than protection from spills. -Tom
heh. I suppose not every outfit choice can be a winner. I looked up Jerry Lewis pictures on the web. I officially hang my hea din shame. -Tom
Wow, that was pretty harsh. My halloween costume?.? SNAP.
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