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If someone wants to use me as a walking billboard, I charge $1000.00 per week. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with that look. orvis sells some holiday cords with mallards or somesuch on them. Not my cup of tea though
does this ansewr the question?
I disagree, plain toe oxfords can be dressy as you like. I think that those shoes are sweet. Wear them with anything from jeans to charcoal suit. -Tom
I use the hangers that I get form the dry cleaners. The clamp type hangers never work for me, and my pants (none have cuffs) simply slip out and fall on the floor. -Tom
Quote: I would wear red socks with every outfit - make it my signature look, like Tom Wolfe's white suits. Bradford Bradford, That sounds great. I think that you should try it for two weeks. Then decide if you want to keep it up. I wish that I had a "signature" look. -Tom
Quote: Very fine steel wool? Yeah, that's what I like to use in my shower instead of soap. NOT. I hope you're kidding about the steel wool thing. -Tom
I think that if I were to buy a jacket like that, I'd just get one of those "fleece" (plastic) ones from REI or Patagonia or some such. I can't see any reason to buy that in cashmere. On the other hand, I don't wear track style clothes. -Tom
A Harris, Agreed, I consider myself a preppy. I believe that people like me have suffered "dim mak" at this point in the thread Although I do not own any J Crew clothes, I think that their catalog is great. Gregory, I have to agree with a couple of points mentioned above. As a self proclaimed preppy, let me say that polo shirts are not meant to be tucked in, and maybe a grosgrain belt would be in order? Try it, you may like it. -tom
I don't mind the bow ties, but for some reason it bugs me that he wears his watch with the face on the inside of the wrist.
Quote: Do shuriken count? I carry a half dozen. They are also useful for opening letters and packages with. lol, good one LA Guy. They also make good buttons for your navy blazer.
New Posts  All Forums: