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does this ansewr the question?
I disagree, plain toe oxfords can be dressy as you like. I think that those shoes are sweet. Wear them with anything from jeans to charcoal suit. -Tom
I use the hangers that I get form the dry cleaners. The clamp type hangers never work for me, and my pants (none have cuffs) simply slip out and fall on the floor. -Tom
Quote: I would wear red socks with every outfit - make it my signature look, like Tom Wolfe's white suits. Bradford Bradford, That sounds great. I think that you should try it for two weeks. Then decide if you want to keep it up. I wish that I had a "signature" look. -Tom
Quote: Very fine steel wool? Yeah, that's what I like to use in my shower instead of soap. NOT. I hope you're kidding about the steel wool thing. -Tom
I think that if I were to buy a jacket like that, I'd just get one of those "fleece" (plastic) ones from REI or Patagonia or some such. I can't see any reason to buy that in cashmere. On the other hand, I don't wear track style clothes. -Tom
A Harris, Agreed, I consider myself a preppy. I believe that people like me have suffered "dim mak" at this point in the thread Although I do not own any J Crew clothes, I think that their catalog is great. Gregory, I have to agree with a couple of points mentioned above. As a self proclaimed preppy, let me say that polo shirts are not meant to be tucked in, and maybe a grosgrain belt would be in order? Try it, you may like it. -tom
I don't mind the bow ties, but for some reason it bugs me that he wears his watch with the face on the inside of the wrist.
Quote: Do shuriken count? I carry a half dozen. They are also useful for opening letters and packages with. lol, good one LA Guy. They also make good buttons for your navy blazer.
Quote: Clergy who don't wear all black; anyone else who does. I think all black is also okay on Executioners and Judges. Oh yah, and Ninja.
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