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For those of you who think the PETA employees are whackos, do a bit of research on their website and check out the reasons for some of their opinions. The website is pretty convincing regarding many subjects, but more than that, each employee is an individual, and like other people, some are whacko, and some are normal. Besides, the head of PETA here in the Bay Area is an ex-girlfriend of mind and we are still great friends. Don't get me wrong, I still ove my AE's and she...
My favorite shirts are Lewin -Tom
Small guatemalan boy? Okay, since I have lived in Guatemala, I get your reference, but it does sounds like some white guy being a horrible bigot. How about a small robot valet that can do all the same?
I was reading that and remembering and laughing out loud. -Tom
I kinda like that cape
My dream watch is a Nomos.
I am in agreement with Ernest regarding simplicity. I don't like watches with lots of dials and knobs and buttons. My daily watch is this one...
Quote: Quote: (Tom @ 25 Oct. 2004, 6:29) I may have good posture, but I need to lose one of my chins. Okay, I know I look dorky , but i need to figure out a better doc coat. These polyester things are horrible. Any ideas? My idea is that you don't need to wear a lab coat unless you're likely to get body fluids on your clothes. What sort of medicine do you practice? I don't practice medicine. I practice chiropractic. -Tom
If someone wants to use me as a walking billboard, I charge $1000.00 per week. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with that look. orvis sells some holiday cords with mallards or somesuch on them. Not my cup of tea though
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