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You thought they went out of business because they stopped printing "the owner's manual" a bit over a decade ago. That was their nifty catalog that was shaped like a travel wallet. However, they are still going strong. I have a number of j peterman items that I have collected over the years. As for quality, I'd say that you get slightly less than you pay for. Basically that means, my $30 "otovelo mountain shirt" from them was thin and crappily made and fell apart in about...
My first impression was that the charcter "Herb Tarlick" from "WKRP in Cincinatti" might wear it. -Tom
Sorry, I was feeling bitter, because I rode motorcycles exclusively for thirteen years. after getting my skull fractured, I gave it up, and my greatest regret is selling my sweet Hein Gericke jacket. I just felt that I couldn't continue to wear it if I didn't have a bike. I didn't mean to come off sounding so aggressive. Anyone who is on a website about personal style is inherently NOT a poseur. tom
The rounded tail uses less fabric and is less likely to bunch up in your trousers making you look silly. The question mark should remain outside the quotations as it signifies the end of the sentence.
With the exception of fit (which is very good but not great) My Jantzen shirts are easily the worst quality shirts that I own. And I don't buy expensive shirts. They have basically disintigrated over about ten to twenty wearings. Buttons falling off (but not chipping), but especially, they keep tearing. Elbows, seams, cuffs coming detached, collar coming detached. My Thomas Pink shirts are many times better quality. My Polo shirts are many times better quality. My Land's...
My experience has been that dry cleaning doesn't do anything to remove the smell of mothballs. -Tom
The sleeves on a motorcycle jacket are cut so they fit properly while your hands are on the controls. The cut of a motorcycle jacket is designed to be comfortable while astride a motorcycle. My opinion is that you may as well walk around wearing a motorcycle helmet. To me it looks about as silly. If you don't have a motorcycle, but you have a motorcycle jacket, you are a poser. -Tom
Quote: Thanks for the responses, i am still gonna look for a glen plaid suit or window pane cause i really like them. As for going shopping with women, usually my girlfriend isn't to bad and i don't mind and well my mom was their to buy the suit. Well i learned my lesson on bringing them along probibly won't happen again at least not for awhile. They're...Their...There Each of them has a different meaning. It's a pet peeve of mine. Sorry for airing...
lol. Good one Alex -Tom
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