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Thanks so much for all of the responses. I'll look at some of the options presented next time I make it across the bay. -Tom
Thanks for all the replies guys. I guess I'll avoid it. -Tom
I am on my feet for eight to ten hours per day. My feet would die of fatigue if it weren't for my Dansko clogs. However, they are quite obviously casual. Anyone able to suggest a nice dress shoe that is extraordinarily comfortable and supportive? -Tom
What do you guys think about wearing patent shoes (or at least "really shiny" shoes) as normal professional wear?
I have never tested that particular orthotic, but I'd suggest you simply get a pair of good shoes. The best shoes I am aware of for comfort and foot health (although not looks) are Birkenstock shoes and Dansko stapled clogs. I have personal experience with both brands and they are exceptional. I wear Dansko's all day at work. I wish they were better looking, but they are the only shoe I can stand in all day (eight to ten hours) without any foot pain. -Tom
If you think you need orthotics, you ought to talk with an expert about it. You may, or may not, have a leg length inequality that should be accomodated. I suggest that you speak to a doctor about it. Specifically a podiatrist (foot specialist) or a chiropractor (posture specialist). Both of these professions require advanced doctoral degrees (eg: a B.A., and additionally, a four year doctoral degree). -Dr. Tom Morison, chiropractor
I had metal taps put on my motorcycle boots (lot of foot drag on a motorcycle in the city), they were so slippery I removed them. -Tom
As a chiropractor, tie-bars are a must for me, there are certain adjusting positions where the tie would end up in the patient's face if it weren't for the clip. -Tom
Well Colonel Mustard, I would only suggest that tweed isn't so formal.  Wear the coat everywhere and with everything from slacks to jeans for about a week, and see where you draw compliments.  That'll give you a good idea of how to wear it. =) Sounds like a fun coat really. -Tom
I got my shoulder bag from e-bay at a reasonable price.  It is caled the "clipper" and it is made by tusting.  It is quite simply one of the nicest bags I have seen. Tusting Bags -Tom
New Posts  All Forums: