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What do you guys think about wearing patent shoes (or at least "really shiny" shoes) as normal professional wear?
I have never tested that particular orthotic, but I'd suggest you simply get a pair of good shoes. The best shoes I am aware of for comfort and foot health (although not looks) are Birkenstock shoes and Dansko stapled clogs. I have personal experience with both brands and they are exceptional. I wear Dansko's all day at work. I wish they were better looking, but they are the only shoe I can stand in all day (eight to ten hours) without any foot pain. -Tom
If you think you need orthotics, you ought to talk with an expert about it. You may, or may not, have a leg length inequality that should be accomodated. I suggest that you speak to a doctor about it. Specifically a podiatrist (foot specialist) or a chiropractor (posture specialist). Both of these professions require advanced doctoral degrees (eg: a B.A., and additionally, a four year doctoral degree). -Dr. Tom Morison, chiropractor
I had metal taps put on my motorcycle boots (lot of foot drag on a motorcycle in the city), they were so slippery I removed them. -Tom
As a chiropractor, tie-bars are a must for me, there are certain adjusting positions where the tie would end up in the patient's face if it weren't for the clip. -Tom
Well Colonel Mustard, I would only suggest that tweed isn't so formal.  Wear the coat everywhere and with everything from slacks to jeans for about a week, and see where you draw compliments.  That'll give you a good idea of how to wear it. =) Sounds like a fun coat really. -Tom
I got my shoulder bag from e-bay at a reasonable price.  It is caled the "clipper" and it is made by tusting.  It is quite simply one of the nicest bags I have seen. Tusting Bags -Tom
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