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I think that the tie is supposed to look virile. Like it has an erection.
My brother is a trader for Bear Sterns in Boston. He pays full retail at Louis of Boston, and The Andover Shoppe. He spends several months a year in Paris and has a couple of places there that are the equivalent of the above mentioned. He likes to be taken care of, and he doesn't mind paying for it. -Tom
I would avoid putting a safety pin in my pocket, for what I consider obvious reasons. In most pants pockets that I own, there is a small liner pocket sewn into the right front pocket as a "change keeper" pocket. It keeps small items from slipping out. Also, if you are wearing a jacket, put them in your inner breast pocket. No problem. -Tom
My favorite shirts at an excellent price point are T M Lewin. -Tom
I have several "tab" collars, the collar buttons are hidden, which basically makes them a pain to button, and one of them was ruined when the dry-cleaner pressed the shirt while buttoned. I'd stick w stays. -Tom
I think that it will make you look fat.
I wear Allen Edmonds 9.5 EEE. They fit pretty well, but they taper too fast after the metatarsal heads. The Alden EEEEs that I tried didn't even come close. Eventually, I am just going to have a pair of bespoke made. -Tom
Honestly, the price is phenomenal, the fit is close to excellent. My biggest problem seems to be with the sleeves, the cuff falls off and the elbows blow out. Perhaps my sleeves are just not long enough? When I bend my arms, they definitely pull at bit at the wrist and elbow, but my RTW shirts have the same length sleeve and don't have that problem. I don't know, maybe I just have to get one shirt 'bespoke', and send it to Ricky for duplication. -Tom
My Jantzen shirts have all died except two. Poorly made. And the fit is only mediocre, which is sad considering they fit better than almost all my other shirts. -tom
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