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Ok, here is the zany chiropractic idea... FIX YOUR POSTURE. It turns out that having good posture is not only important for good health, it is also important for looking good in a suit. Changing your posture takes a certain amount of self-discipline, but it also involves having good biomechanical function of your skeleton. My suggestion (of course) is to find a chiropractor who specializes in posture and get a consultation. -Tom
Quote: From reading this forum I have conceived the idea that all of you are tall, slender, and well-proportioned. Your weight rarely varies by more than a couple of pounds and you can spend considerable sums on fine clothing, knowing that the garments will fit you well for decades. Then there's me. When I get to 195 I diet and shoot for 185, hoping that I may drift around 190 for a while. I haven't been able to exercise for a year (back) and now touch 200....
I specialize in posture, and although to be certain I'd need a side view, it looks to me as if your shoulders are slightly forward, particularly the left one, I assume you also have forward head carriage. My recommendation is that you put your shirt back on and then while looking in the mirror, actively draw your left shoulder posterior. If this solves the problem, hold it there. =) -Dr. Tom
They have been recrafted twice.=)
Quote: My favorite tie clip - it's a little mechanical pencil. J, I have the exact same tie clip, the pencil one. I wear it in practice. I think it's great. -Tom
I go to the trouble to take a photo of my old shoes and no-one has anything positive or negative to say?
Are silk knots really all the same? I just buy mine on e-bay. They get shipped from hong kong, but the knots that I wear the most (red pair and navy pair) always come apart. not in the middle, but one of the knots starts to come untied. -Tom
Allen Edmonds "McAllister". Color: "cordovan". Age: "very old".
Both of my Lewin shirts have MOP bottons. And I suppose I must not know what single needle stiching is. -Tom
I think you may have been tricked...
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