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I used to use a magnetic money clip, but if I stuck a BART ticket in it or a credit card, that would be the end of the magnetic stripe. =(
My favorite are TM Lewin -Tom
You may have abnormal biomechanics in your feet. Dorsiflexion of the big toe is not an uncommon foot complaint, and can be corrected with simple manipulation. Check out a local podiatrist or chiropractor that specializes in extremities. It'll make your knees and back feel good too. -Dr. Tom
I think that turtlenecks look lame. -Tom
This tie is not yellow. I think that you should play with the color wheel a bit more. But who am I to say? -Tom
A g-string is a bathing suit that certain women are qualified to wear. A thong is a type of sandal more commonly called a "flip-flop", another type of thong is the leather strap that Thor (the Norse god of thunder) suspended his hammer from.
Yep, the Bay Area can be mighty beautiful. The shirt is a Polo shirt called a "Lowell Sport". It's kind of heavy weight. I like it. -Tom
Hiking Chic. For anyone in the Bay Area, this is a secret beer bar I found up a trail from Muir Woods.
I have a LL Bean coat. Original Field Coat I have the "dark rum" color. I love it. -Tom
water, As I said, I specialize in posture (I am a chiropractor) and based on the frontal view, I guessed that you had a "forward" shoulder. I guessed this because your left shoulder looks closer to your body than your right. Most americans slouch, so I made an assumption that the shoulder was forward and not back. I suggested that a side picture would help, which would have cleared up my mistake. Based on your experiment I have the following advice... Don't modify your...
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