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Just got the two poplin shirts I ordered, mediterranean and light blue. The fit is slightly tighter than the oxford. The fabric is light and soft, but even the light blue one is not a see through.    P.S. I'm 6 fee tall, 38 chest and small fits nicely.
Just ordered two poplin shirts, mediterranean and light blue. 
The new poplin shirts look nice. Which color would you choose?
They look much longer, and looser than other tees
  I'm 6' tall and 155 lb, 38'' chest and 31 waist. Size Small fits me pretty well.
Just got my new PK shirts in royal and red. They came in with a nontrivial amount of creases, especially on the collars, which is kinda annoying. I'm using steam to flatten them now. We'll see how that goes. Also, they are not as slim as tees and oxfords. I will keep them because the material is nice, but I think 40 is a little too much for what I got.
Ironing works, if you don't mind spending the time :-P.
I'm thinking about buying a new tote, but I don't want it to look too feminine. Any suggestions on colors?
Hm, the fall colors actually fit me better. I just wish Everlane has more consistent cuts in the future.
Funny thing, the fall colors actually fit me much better. I wish they have a more consistent cut in the future.
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