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PM sent!
PM sent.
I'd be interested in a Carmina 803 GMTO. Let me know if this happens!
Eddie's deals on RL shoes are great and he is completely reliable. I think I've purchased 7 pairs of cordovans from him the last couple of years. Hopefully he gets some more of my size in stock, can't ever have enough!
This might be boring, but I'd target Brooks Brothers during the frequent sales to stock up on their 2 for x suits, sportcoats, chinos, and 3 for x dress shirts. For separate wool pants, I'd go with Howard Yount. I tend to get my ties from random places --- lots of Drake's from forums from people who re-sell from sample sales, and Gilt, etc. Socks - Pantherella from STP. I'm in the medical field where people don't seem to care as much about how we dress, but for shoes,...
PM sent
PM sent
Nice jackets, PM sent.
Their website has been acting screwy for me. Someone else mentioned this, but when I log-in my account the discounts disappear.I ended up checking out as a guest for the discounts to work. Is this happening to other people?I think this sale might need to be multiples of 3?
Personally, I've used the B&S a lot less since the revamp a while back b/c I find it much harder to view now. Not sure if others have felt this way. There seems to be many more posts that are not worthwhile, with the gems you pointed out sprinkled in between, but I have trouble finding them. Lately I have some of the frequent sellers saved eg. Steve Smith, Viral, etc. and glance at their posts rather than scrolling through the forums for the above reasons.
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