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just reading this thread now ... sorry but if the school really offers superior education then you were foolish not to pay the bribe. if it's just a social status thing then it doesn't really matter. but guaranteed top schooling for 12-14 yrs... 22k USD is a bargain, and with your income it is nothing... still time to make the bribe?
+1 to try other chairs instead of plunking for de facto aeron. i HATE the aeron chair, it does not work for my body/sitting style. but i'm screwed with it bc it is the de facto and my office uses them.
basically the answer is less than 1% of 1% of the workforce generates all the value in the economy for the other 99.99%. most people are very, very stupid.
i like the swipe down thing but wish it showed my recent msg "threads"
yea it will probably be dumb but ill watch anything with sylar in it
hmm was going to say astoria is a POS but may have to reconsider.
Xlerator rules. dyson air blade is a huge POS anti-technology that is harmful to society, much like pepsi.
so. two bumpkin amateurs, one a recent (reformed?) hippie/commie, the other a statistics phd student who is not alarmed by a perfect fit on his data, have discovered a trading strategy that beats all hedge funds ever, on their first try. stranger things have happened, but not many.
This looks awful to me. It actually makes the surrounding landscape look ugly. Just another concrete box plopped down on some random coordinatesThx for posting all the pics tho ... enjoy seeing everything from the good to the let-me-slap-some-triangles-on-that-for-ya
women don't care about men's style. which is fine because i don't care what they think either
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