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i'd like to see our boys GTFO of that shithole but all signs point to TPTB prepping a false flag attack by Iran so they can keep their sick war games going thru 2020 and beyond.
40 years in a sulfur mine gulag sounds about right for vermin supreme too
well played sirthis article adds to the inauthentic aura of Romney. when a 8- to 9-digit net worth guy says he cant afford a Porsche, in front of one of his employees no less, that just means he's deeply disconnected with reality and has no self-reflection, both of which are constantly evident in his disastrous political career.
that is what they've been doing until now. only a matter of time before Uncle Sam faces the same fate
ready to cast my 3rd party vote for "Dr." Paul. that way when civil war breaks out circa 2019 my conscience will be clean
this but it doesn't matter as both the UK and US are far beyond the point of peaceful redemption anyway.as an aside from a tax policy standpoint it's clearly optimal to have a steeply "regressive" tax schedule that decreases the marginal rate on high earners to incentivize them to work more, since they are the ones producing value in the economy, rather than burger flippers who are waiting to be replaced by robots and/or asian hordes
im not going to disagree with what rach is saying but at the same time i think you libs make the classic mistake of underestimating the sophistication of grassroots conservatives. sure some are dumb hicks but many are more familiar with alinsky than a simple pavlovian response...
seals obama photo op
yea that has about 0% chance of happening
renegade lawless conduct by Eric Holder, DoJ, FBI, and Pres Obama? just another day on the golf course
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