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Can you guys recommend some style / fashion blogs? My style is a mix of Express, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Buckle, and Aldo. Thanks. 
what is a cheaper alternative to BB non iron shirts?
What are some cheaper alternatives for non wrinkle / no iron shirts? 
Looking to step up my denim. Usually just buy my jeans from Buckle for 80 bucks (BKE). What is some good denim brands in the 100-130 range? 
  Id imagine it would fall somewhere between 100-300 bucks. Ive never paid attention to quality or build when ive boot boots / dress shoes in the past, so id imagine id paid 50-100 bucks.    Affordable as in taking in account quality and price. Good bargain / deal ect. 
Best place to buy affordable quality mens dress shoes?
Hey, 26 year old with a fondness of clothes and style! 
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