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I'm going to be ordering some new MTM dress shoes. I can have my choice of sole (and there are MANY options to choose from).   What kind of sole do you fine gives you the most comfort when walking around all day in dress shoes?
Which leather(s) would be best for a spring/summer jacket?
I'm looking at photos on the TOJ Gallery, and the sleeves end at different areas (some at the wrist, some just past the wrist, and some to the beginning of the thumb).   Where should the sleeves on a leather jacket end?   The same for the bottom of the jacket. Where should that end? At the hips?  
 Doesn't the John Coppidge site (the thumblr page) just sell ToJ products?
ToJ makes lovely jackets, but the wait time seems to be getting longer and longer to receive one. What are some good alternatives to ToJ for leather jackets?
I grew my hair out a bit, and it's now long enough to touch the jacket. How do you clean off the oil and products coming from hair and onto the jacket? How often should you do this cleaning?
I've started working out a the beginning of the year. I'm not interested in dropping thousands of dollars on suits, blazers and tailored dress shirts.   I run my own business, so I can dress how I like, but I want to look respectable.   What alternatives are there to blazers/suuits and dress shirts that will look presentable, stretch a little as you're putting on some muscle, and won't be a waste of thousands of dollars once you are too big to fit in them any...
I love to exercise, and I love suits. I'm now ready to get my own MTM/Bespoke suit.   It'll cost around $2000, so I want to make sure it'll fit me for quite some time.   I'm happy with my size, though different areas of my body can still grow from muscle gain, and decrease from fat loss. No bulking is being done, and no cutting is being done. I'm just doing maintenance.   Should I still ask for extra room even though I'm still doing maintenance? Or will I be...
New Posts  All Forums: