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What, no obnoxiously colored laces? Seeing far too much of this kind of thing as of late.  I'm ready for the "lets just pile everything on" phase to be done with.  I do have a pair of C & J Skyes that I like but that's as busy as I get.
I have a pair of C & J Audleys in Dark Brown Antique.  Any idea what the best colour match for polish is?  Over the years I must have been using an off colour brown and they now seem far removed from their original state.  I'm thinking of sending them in for an overhaul.
Fantastic post.  I remember watching my father being fitted at Huntsman when I was around 8.  My first brush with the row and perhaps where all this clothing nonsense of mine started.  Always brings back memories every time I go in....
Do love the Daytona. It's easy to slag off Daytonas but they really are beautiful watches. The perfect chronograph with perfect proportions and weight. Well done!
Hello All. Etienne here from Imperial Black.  Here to answer any questions,criticisms,wants,desires (as applied to our shirts, but I'll answer anything) that you might have .  Contrary to popular belief we actually do like to make shirts, just not terribly many.  Looking forward to it... E.M.M.
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