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Thanks for the help!   I just followed the instructions and measured by foot. The measurements came at a 9 and W8, so following the chart that puts me at a size 9E. And since I want to get the Park Avenues from what I read, I should get a half size down and 1 width up. However since the next step in width would be EEE I suppose I should get size 8.5E?
Hi thanks for the help!   I've followed the instructions and my measurements areis 9 and W8, so that should put me at a size 9E. So for the Park Avenue should I get the 8.5E? The next step in width would be 8.5EEE and I feel that would be too wide.   Thanks again for the help!
I'm about to purchase my first dress shoes from Allen Edmonds, moving up from department shoes that cost $50, however I have no idea what size I should purchase.   Since I live overseas I'm going to have to purchase from Amazon and shipping + return shipping costs are gonna cost a lot, so I'd like to get the sizing right before I pull the trigger. I also tried emailing AE my measurements and they replied saying they do not provide sizes through email or phone and...
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