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 Hey Mike thanks for the info. It's just aesthetically annoying and the other shoe actually have the welt on the outside but the crack is much less pronounced (pic below). Thinking whether I should return it or not.
Hey guys I just bought my first pair of Aldens, however I notice that there is quite a large crack at the stitching of the sole, is this normal? Any help would be great!  
Thanks for the help!   I just followed the instructions and measured by foot. The measurements came at a 9 and W8, so following the chart that puts me at a size 9E. And since I want to get the Park Avenues from what I read, I should get a half size down and 1 width up. However since the next step in width would be EEE I suppose I should get size 8.5E?
Hi thanks for the help!   I've followed the instructions and my measurements areis 9 and W8, so that should put me at a size 9E. So for the Park Avenue should I get the 8.5E? The next step in width would be 8.5EEE and I feel that would be too wide.   Thanks again for the help!
I'm about to purchase my first dress shoes from Allen Edmonds, moving up from department shoes that cost $50, however I have no idea what size I should purchase.   Since I live overseas I'm going to have to purchase from Amazon and shipping + return shipping costs are gonna cost a lot, so I'd like to get the sizing right before I pull the trigger. I also tried emailing AE my measurements and they replied saying they do not provide sizes through email or phone and...
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