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What are some good casual trench coats or raincoats for Spring and Summer?
  I'm just looking for spring/summer jackets/blazers.   Regarding shoes, I take a size 15, so I will not be finding any of my size at the stores. I asked about the time it would take for Alden or Carmina to make shoes for me. They would take a few months, and they are 30%-50% more than what you would pay if ordering from America. That's why I'm considering someone in Taiwan making shoes for me. I know, they probably won't last many years, but, as long as they last a year...
  Thank you aravenel.   I'm working in Taiwan for my business, and I'm much bigger than the typical Taiwanese male, so off the rack is not an option for me.   Tailors are fairly affordable here, so around $500 for each blazer/jacker is what I'm looking to spend.
I got a divorce, so I thought I would go about improving my life.   For the past 6 months I've worked my butt off and got into shape. Now I want to treat myself to a few jackets/blazers to wear in the spring and summer.   I've always been a chino and polo guy, but I want to improve the way I look (nicer pants, tailored shoes, fitted dress shirts, and jackets).   I'm not familiar with blazers and jackets, but I know I want to get at least one navy blue and one...
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