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Most women know essentially nothing about men's attire, especially more formal dress. It is so easy to just take a girl along and defer to her judgement, but as a 26 year old that works in finance I can tell you that it is blatantly obvious who has had their clothes picked out by their moms/girlfriends and who actually makes the decisions themselves. I will admit that women seem to be good at avoiding really truly horrendous decisions, but generally speaking they do not...
They don't exist yet beyond the prototypes.
On STP? Please elaborate if you don't mind, I'm pretty relentless about checking what's eligible for the dealflyer savings. Cheapest I ever see them is ~$500 STP retail minus 40% through my dealflyer email link.
If I've got a $300 budget for some chocolate suede chukkas and I can get some Tricker's from STP for that price, it is a no brainer right?
My GF regularly references the fact that she doesn't feel she dresses appropriately for work. She's 26 and works in engineering management. I don't think she under dresses terribly, but on normal days she wears jeans and a polo and on dressier days she wears pants and a button down. I guess I would say she still dresses like a college intern and not someone on a team that manages billion dollar projects. She is self-conscious about this sometimes, but she's also too...
What is the sizing like on the Isaia Napoli line in the shoulders? I'm typically a 39-40 short but the napoli line is described as having a soft rounded shoulder, so I wonder if a 38s might work.
Didn't think my question warranted it's own thread so I'll put it here. I was in the Cambridge JPress the other day and I decided to try on a few of their jackets. I'm 5'8 with a relatively short torso, but a very short waist region. I basically go straight from lats to hips. From powerlifting my chest is 43 inches and my waist 2 inches above my navel is 31 inches. I also have a fairly large butt and quads. Anyway of all the sizes I tried on, 40 short was just about...
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