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Anyone seen the nylon zip up quilted jacket in person? Quite like the olive colour.  Is the website sizing pretty accurate?
I'm going to Antwerp at the end of the month... what should i expect?  Really after knitwear and outwear.  Anyone been to Rosier 41 recently?  Dunno how much money to take with me.... (i don't have a lot)
Had a quick look around a store today and a few things i saw online looked much less impressive in real life :( Some of the suiting looked great though.  Raw edged and collarless jacquard blazers both nice.   Also had an order arrive today with some stuff...will really need to wait until tomorrow to look under natural light i suppose. BUT... Kimono sleeve knit - quite nice fit on this.  Isn't shiny despite the acrylic content (39%).  Seems to have less definition under...
The Howell moleskin trousers are very nice.
 The numbers just equate to collar size so the 37 is a 14.5" and the 43 is 17". If you click the size guide tab it tells you there.  Those will just be the standard COS sizing rather than item specific but i would say the flannel shirt is a pretty standard fit so they won't be far off.
A few things arrived this morning.  Flannel shirt isn't as thick as it appears in the online photos - i was surprised.  Material is still good / very soft.  I probably need to size up one though.  Pretty standard fit.  The tech overshirt is quite interesting.... not sure if i'll keep it though.  Material is quite shiny but the closed placket, small collar, and pockets are all good features.  Fit is quite relaxed.  Wool mix trousers are probably my fave from the bunch....
 I also agree with this.  Alternatively maybe wear pants that are looser in the seat / something with a roomy diagonal pleat and a sharp'ish taper would look cool.  Or even something wild like the Craig Green track pants or whatever.  I dunno.  I want to like it more but the proportions don't quite work for me.
Ordered the wool mix trousers, tech overshirt, and the flannel.  I've never bought the number sized shirts from COS before but went for a 38 in both. Sizing can be so varied though so fingers crossed.  Returns and exchanges are a bit of a nightmare. Gonna hold out for a discount before i get anything else like outwear.  I remember seeing a fuzzy mohair knit in the magazine that came with one of my orders last month, so looking forward to that. If you have time to check out...
I like the turtleneck / flight pants combo.   Those Viridi-anne pants are great but the price makes me wheezy. 
Yeah, just saw those. Quite a lot of new stuff appearing now! Really want the wool bomber.
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