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Picked up the fisherman striped waffled knit and the torso waffle knit from Porter. Don't own any of this stuff but i'm looking forward to getting it.  Measurements on the torso waffle knit look pretty weird...very slim fitting - nice colour though.  I wish the fisherman was that beautiful green i've seen (slept on that version in the Nitty Gritty sale), i've got enough grey knits so unless this is really jaw dropping i'll probably back it.
Nah.  I love the fit (and colour) on the SNS.  Slight dropped shoulder and everything.  Sizing down would ruin it.
I'm all for trying brands i've never heard of before but i wish there was a better way to search yoox. I always quite by page 30 or whatever.
Their buys have been very strange.  Although considering the financial 'difficulties' they've been in perhaps it's not surprising. 
2nd one is amazing.  Texture heaven.  The pants are Schneider? 
That c4est fit is great. Sage de Cret looks really nice too - especially the cropped trousers i've seen. I really need a better job to cop everything i like here :(
Love that Parker fit.  Never seen a poncho not look cool.    (i probably have but sshhhh)
Anyone asking about international shipping, please post your answer here!  Probably a bit redundant for lots of people to email the same question.  Seems bizarre to charge that amount so i'm hoping it's a blip (somehow).
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