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Especially if there is salt involved, you'll have a hard time. I managed to destroy my newly bought shoes in only one night one time.   There might be some sprays for impregnation, otherwise I'd generally try to stay away from snow/rain/h2o with suede.  
Being served a beer in a differently branded glass.  
I'll introduce myself with a little stream of words that are sometimes just relevant right now and sometimes always there:   Drawing, Paris, London, McDonalds, Sushi, Topman, Cat, Family, Tom Ford, Skinny Tie, Tags, MacBook, Coffee, Field Day, W+K, Red Marlboro, Norse Projects, Media, Berlin, Photography, Saatchi, Museum, Bob Dylan, Queens of the Stone Age, Big Mac, Lies, Fruit, Hermès, Friends, Weekends, Selfridges, Liberty, Girlfriend, Accents, Cold Weather, Canada...
Thanks. I just learned BE is prick stitching (I know, I know...) and AE is pick stitching.  
Prick Stitching & Pin Stripes   Normal?   Too much on the eye?   Any rules?
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