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If you're trying to find out what the exact cloth is, you might just want to drop Kotaro Miyahira a mail. My guess would be some kind of Harris tweed.
Yeah, I love those buttonholes. He used to work at Liverano, it seems: https://wosanai.wordpress.com/2012/07/21/sartoria-cavuto-by-yusuke-kabuto-in-florence/
Another Japanese in Florence (stuff looks superb to me, but only ever seen his blog): http://cavutosartoria.blogspot.it/ And then there's Rodolfo Cisternino. There are a few pics of his work on SF, most of them would be labeled something like "MBT", "Florentine MBT" or whatever ;-)
As well as the Veblen effect.
How is Liverano in a different league? In what ways? (Not questioning, just very curious!)
The search function only searches the text content you see on the website. Since he doesn't type "brown" anywhere for his brown ties you won't get any results searching for "brown".Basically, it's only any good if you know a fabric code (for whatever reason, e.g. if a friend told you he bought #B2) and want to look up the respective tie.
Very nice! Which last are the black captoes?
Really depends on how busy they are (assuming you have ordered MTO stuff). Two weeks would be normal at the moment, I guess.
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