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Yeah, but the overall fit is also disappointing (jacket too tight around the waist, trousers too tight and too long...) and he asked for super-skinny lapels. Unfortunately, they won't let you change the height of the gorge, afaik (one of the reasons I probably wouldn't place an order).
The outcome in his case is quite poor, imho. Suitsupply MTM can do a lot better, really. You might want to search this thread, there have been a few posts on this, also picutres.
It actually is now ;)
Yeah, and then just open http://eu.suitsupply.com/nl_NL/outlet again and enter "firstpick".
Yes, just switch to Netherlands for "ship to".
40L = 98
Great bag! How much would it set me back, roughly, if I was to get a similar bag made, if you don't mind me asking? Thanks.
It's around 1500€ at trunkshows in Germany, but it might be a little less ordering in Florence.
Just a general price increase (happened with some of their suits, too).
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