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Quote:Yes, please!
It's just a matter of different units – 260g/m² is the same as 380g/lm. So it's one and the same cloth but they give both numbers since different people might be used to different units when thinking about cloth weight.Disclaimer: I have no experience with W Bill cloth, I'm just trying to explain what kolecho posted.
Weight per square meter * 1,45 = weight per linear meter260 * 1,45 = 377 = 380
   No, they're not, since people from the EU are not paying more than the shown prices.
Actually, at 129,600 yen (including tax) they're very reasonably priced! I'm quite tempted, not sure which colour to choose, though.
What do you guys think of the Yohei Fukuda briefcases? (all pictures taken from Fukuda Facebook page)                  
Arrivabene is not actually Montezemolo's successor but Mattiacci's ;-)
+1, by far! This guy = @maomao1980 ;-)
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