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  Pretty sure that picture was taken at Sartoria Dalcuore.
NMWA has made a jacket out of it: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/sport-coats/navy-mohair-wool-blazer-10-11-oz.htmlThe colour is a little bright for my tase, William Halstead offers two more colours (cut lengths can be ordered from Pepper Lee), one of which is almost black and the other one is a nice midnight. Not sure if Caccioppoli also does different colours. Drapers hopsack would often be the "classic" VBC hopsack, which is good stuff, drapes well,...
Quote:My thoughts exactly.
I used to feel it might be worth giving him a try but then I came across a comment on one of Liverano's instagram pics and wasn't so sure anymore...
Unfortunately not, I'm not a customer, yet (next year, hopefully). Just know that place very well and recognised the tailor from your picturesYour stuff looks great, please keep us posted.
Louis Hotel KM?
How did you order the VBC hopsack, if I may ask? Is there a direct way to order from VBC?
Full resolution answers your second question: http://cdn.styleforum.net/1/16/16954665_IMG_8659.jpeg
It's usually horsehair canvas, yeah. I once had one of my trousermakers use some sort of cotton shirt collar interlining which is very stiff. It prevents the waistband from folding even better (only subjectively and the difference certainly isn't great) than horsehair canvas but it doesn't stretch at all so the pants aren't too comfortable after a proper meal. I don't wear them with braces, though, so they are quite fitted anyway – if you wear yours with braces and thus...
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