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I don't, sorry. The swatches of Dugdale cotton I have feel too light and floppy for my taste. Ariston usually offers some cotton in their summer collections, too. When I last checked it out it was also too light for me but weight/finish etc. might vary with different collections, not sure.
Brisbane Moss makes the best cotton fabrics I know (twills, drills, moleskin, corduroy) and they're very reasonably priced, too. Especially the Tennyson (same as Drapers cotton, btw, but way cheaper) is really nice, but might be a little heavier than what you're looking for (290g/m² * 1,46m width = 423g/lm). http://www.brisbanemoss.co.uk/fabrics.asp?qual=COT00
http://bespoke-makers.tumblr.com/image/101920853593   This one I love. Anyone an idea who makes it? Jacket is by Coccinella, Osaka, on tumblr they say it's "Cashmere Donegal Tweed".   And then there's this Dugdale donegal tweed (Jacket by B&Tailor): http://bntailor.tumblr.com/image/104295360018
Is "Amator Blogosphère" a SF-member's tumblr? I really like it.
      Gentille&79 (https://www.facebook.com/167216533445231)
They are synthetics, no matter the base material
I was referring to the 1/11 of total foot length rule you mentioned. All I was trying to say is that all the bootmakers I have used, no matter their location and tradition, were free in choosing excess length for the various toe shapes they have created for me. So if I asked them to make the toe shape on an existing last narrower for a subsequent commission they would just increase length by a bit so that I still get a proper fit.
I didn't say, however, that those bootmakers were bound to adhere to one specific length calculated relative to my foot length. No hard feelings, let's just leave it at that.
 Maybe you would like to go back to bengal-stripe's post which I was referring to: If you're saying that the dentist's toes would actually be affected by this (hard to believe, since 1 inch of excess length seems plenty for UK7 feet, that's about how much I get on my sleeker, elongated lasts and I'm an 11) then I would certainly add a bit of length. A few mm more wouldn't make those shoes Crakows, especially since they are so wide, too. BTW, I don't think anyone was...
 Regarding pretty much all those questions you raised: I simply disagree with the point you were trying to make, originally. You seemed to argue that the shape of the last, as it is, cannot be changed while still ensuring a proper fit.    Calm down, no need to get personal I never said it would be easy for you, the dentist or me. I clearly stated I presumed the last had been prepared for the maker (dentist). Therefore, I obviously implied we were talking about someone who...
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