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Very nice! Which last are the black captoes?
Really depends on how busy they are (assuming you have ordered MTO stuff). Two weeks would be normal at the moment, I guess.
And he is really quick to respond, even after 8pm.
Yes, he does.
I've heard it's the other way round: VBC have a stake in Drapers. And Drapers don't just commission cloth from VBC but from a few other mills, too (at least they used to).
You might want to add Nicholas Templeman to your list (or just go and see him instead of JLSJ)    This is the style of shoe I like best from Foster:         (Pictures courtesy of http://cobbler.txt-nifty.com/, iirc)
Why is he going to launch the Argentum line after summer though?
Quote:Yes, please!
It's just a matter of different units – 260g/m² is the same as 380g/lm. So it's one and the same cloth but they give both numbers since different people might be used to different units when thinking about cloth weight.Disclaimer: I have no experience with W Bill cloth, I'm just trying to explain what kolecho posted.
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