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Compared to the shoes shown here this is definitely still the case today.
That would be very, very expensive, I believe.
+1 I have found this to be the case with many shoes, actually. I don't think it's a camera/photography thing, though, it's just to do with viewing angles, in general. Check out these pics (courtesy of Adam Nohlborg) all showing the same Bestetti...
Pre-order just means they will add stuff from the new collection to the webstore which can be ordered immediately but will ship later since it is not in stock, yet.
Yeah, but the overall fit is also disappointing (jacket too tight around the waist, trousers too tight and too long...) and he asked for super-skinny lapels. Unfortunately, they won't let you change the height of the gorge, afaik (one of the reasons I probably wouldn't place an order).
The outcome in his case is quite poor, imho. Suitsupply MTM can do a lot better, really. You might want to search this thread, there have been a few posts on this, also picutres.
It actually is now ;)
Yeah, and then just open http://eu.suitsupply.com/nl_NL/outlet again and enter "firstpick".
Yes, just switch to Netherlands for "ship to".
40L = 98
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