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https://shop.hfwltd.com/collection/55 510221 or 510260
[[SPOILER]] I have the 360180 and I like it as a quarter-lined SB jacket but it could be a bit too casual for a DB, imo. Prices depend on where you buy it and where you are based but it's rather good value for money (around 50€ incl. VAT, on average, maybe...). It's actually the "classic" VBC hopsack. The 360153 I remember I didn't like looking through the book – can't remember why, it might have just been that it wasn't as suitable for the casual summer jacket I had in...
Vitale Barberis Canonico?
Does anyone happen to have access to the new Smith Woolens Finmeresco bunch and would be willing to upload photos of the new blue jacketings? Many thanks.
https://www.pepperlee.co.uk/william-halstead-british-mohair-16677g-c2.htmlhttps://www.pepperlee.co.uk/william-halstead-british-mohair-16677g-c1.html Same weight as the Dugdale Mocklino, afaik.
  Pretty sure that picture was taken at Sartoria Dalcuore.
NMWA has made a jacket out of it: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/sport-coats/navy-mohair-wool-blazer-10-11-oz.htmlThe colour is a little bright for my tase, William Halstead offers two more colours (cut lengths can be ordered from Pepper Lee), one of which is almost black and the other one is a nice midnight. Not sure if Caccioppoli also does different colours. Drapers hopsack would often be the "classic" VBC hopsack, which is good stuff, drapes well,...
Quote:My thoughts exactly.
I used to feel it might be worth giving him a try but then I came across a comment on one of Liverano's instagram pics and wasn't so sure anymore...
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