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I quite like this: http://bntailor.tumblr.com/post/104295360018/b-tailor-winter-sports-coat-in-dugdale-donegalNot sure if it's from a bunch or just a special run.
What has she got to do with French tailoring?
Don't know about stores on the continent but Carmina is based in the Eurozone.Edit: Sorry, missed that this is the G&G thread. Go with Skoaktiebolaget, as suggested by others.
I don't, sorry. The swatches of Dugdale cotton I have feel too light and floppy for my taste. Ariston usually offers some cotton in their summer collections, too. When I last checked it out it was also too light for me but weight/finish etc. might vary with different collections, not sure.
Brisbane Moss makes the best cotton fabrics I know (twills, drills, moleskin, corduroy) and they're very reasonably priced, too. Especially the Tennyson (same as Drapers cotton, btw, but way cheaper) is really nice, but might be a little heavier than what you're looking for (290g/m² * 1,46m width = 423g/lm). http://www.brisbanemoss.co.uk/fabrics.asp?qual=COT00
http://bespoke-makers.tumblr.com/image/101920853593   This one I love. Anyone an idea who makes it? Jacket is by Coccinella, Osaka, on tumblr they say it's "Cashmere Donegal Tweed".   And then there's this Dugdale donegal tweed (Jacket by B&Tailor): http://bntailor.tumblr.com/image/104295360018
Is "Amator Blogosphère" a SF-member's tumblr? I really like it.
      Gentille&79 (https://www.facebook.com/167216533445231)
They are synthetics, no matter the base material
I was referring to the 1/11 of total foot length rule you mentioned. All I was trying to say is that all the bootmakers I have used, no matter their location and tradition, were free in choosing excess length for the various toe shapes they have created for me. So if I asked them to make the toe shape on an existing last narrower for a subsequent commission they would just increase length by a bit so that I still get a proper fit.
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