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Hi Mark, Thanks for the offer but I have lost 43 lbs with regular workouts and balanced diet plans. To lose weight exercise daily as it will burn your fat and boost metabolism. Break your meals in 5 small meals including snacks and eat fruits and vegetables more in your daily meals. Get hydrated, increase your water intake and avoid beverages, soda and even diet soda.   chiropractic center grayslake
I have been running regularly since last 3 years and started with 2 miles and reached to 7 miles daily. I have increase my mileage with the passage of time. Found running great to increase the strength of my heart and lungs and promotes muscular development. Running improves blood circulation system and increase immunity system.
Hi Mike, I will advice you to engage yourself in any physical activity as it will not only makes you active and healthy but also prevent you from major health disease. Regular physical activities will lower cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure and prevent you from depression, obesity, stroke, cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancer and diabetes.
Hi Eason, I will advice you to workout regularly and have balanced diet plan to lose and maintain weight and lead healthy lifestyle. Losing weight lowers cholesterol levels and improves your heart health.Losing weight helps you in curing pain associated with arthritis, joint disease, and lower back pain. Losing weight makes your blood pressure better and increase your energy level.   chiropractic center grayslake
Hi MF, I have been running regulalry since last 3 years and started with 2 miles and these days running 8 miles now. I have gradually increase my mileage and distance with passage of time. Running is great cardio exercise to boost metabolism, burns body fat and to lose weight. Running boost stamina and increase energy levels.  
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