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 and by the way, I ordered these in size 8. I wear 8 in casual sneakers, Red Wing round toe, and Walk-Over chukkas, but usually 8.5 in laced up dress shoes. Do you think these boots in size 8 will fit me?
I have been wanting to buy a pair of AE shoes for so long. In fact, I have been camping for a pair of Park Avenue ever since I knew I needed them. I thought once I found them new around ~ $160 I'd pull the trigger.   And then this came along. I just fell in love instantly. Minus $227 later, I still loved it. What the hell is Park Avenue even now?
^ The label says Men/Hommes 8M (US), 7F (UK), 41M (EU) so I guess they are what they are supposed to be. I have also found that the heel is very narrow. The length, however, is perfectly fine. In any case, with such narrow heel and width I would think they run small rather than large as the consensus says.
What a strange thing everyone is saying you should size down in Clarks DB! I wear 8 in Jack Purcells, Superga, Red Wing, Walk-Over, etc. comfortably with socks, and the DBs in size 8 I just got from Amazon were so small I could hardly slide my feet into them. And when I finally managed to the tongue was stretched and creased like crazy. My arch may be higher than average but if the Clarks DBs do run large why are they still so small?
Any review on the $40 terry crewneck sweatshirt?
^ LEC and LE tailored are roomier than Uniqlo. A medium might work because it's unlikely that a large will.
Good quality, fairly slim fit. The only flaw is that the inseam is a little long. I normal wear 30 inseam and these sweatpants in size S were more like 32 inseam. I don't dig the colors either.
 About 7" or slightly less.
Did CM have an extended holiday return window for Christmas? Bought some stuff December 19 and need to return some of them...
So I just checked out the APC store in SoHo for the first time today... and I'm hooked! Can't believe it took me that long to find out about APC. I have always been a fan of Club Monaco so APC clicks with me pretty easily. Love their shirts and jackets, very minimal, yet there's an elegance about them that stands out.   Their sizing seems a bit peculiar though. I tried on a small jacket and a medium and both of them are very tight across the back, yet the shoulder and...
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