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Evening Gentleman,   Thoughts and suggestions on matching a tie with this particular dress shirt. I will probably be wearing a charcoal or blue suit with it. Any feed back would be much appreciated.  
Barto--- Probably the lighting. The Rutledge Walnut color seems a bit different than the rest of the Walnut colored AEs though.       
  Here are some pictures of my humble AE collection. From left to right (bottom picture)--Merlot Chester, Walnut Rutledge, Brown Burnished McGregor, Black Clifton, Black Montecito, Black Park Avenue. Next will be Walnut Strands. 
Park Avenues 
Here are some pics (excuse the crappy quality) of my pretty basic AE collection. I am going for the Walnut Strand next.  
  It was mainly the Saphir wax. I started with a light coat of AE cleaner conditioner followed by a light coat of AE polish. After that, I started with the Saphir wax. A couple of coats on the entire shoe, and many light coats on the caps (probably a couple of dozen light coats). I used a flannel cloth to apply a thin layer of wax to the caps with a couple of drops of water mixed in. Then I used a buffing cloth to remove the wax. I finished with a once over with some...
Saphir is good stuff.        
Here are some pics of my Park Avenues...I love Saphir, as you can tell.      
The fit is pretty similar to the PA, although in my opinion the PA is slightly more snug. I notice the Rutledge is a bit longer than the PA. Very comfortable overall.  The burnishing is great, and I think the walnut is lighter in person (at least when compared to the pic of the Rutledge from the AE website). This may be due to the fact that I purchased factory seconds instead of firsts. But I love the shoes...I was using Saphir wax (light brown) but I found that the wax...
A pic of my walnut Rutledges
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