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Hi Guys, Budapesta for Friday
Hi, does anyone know how long and how much a tailored shirt from chan will cost? Got a few days in HK coming up and would like to know. Thanks
Hi, does anyone have experience making a suit at Perry's tailor at silom? I made some shirts with them a few weeks ago and I am very happy with them. Not cheap, but the quality of the cutting is very commendable. I am now interested to make a suit with them since I am going to bkk again, so I was wondering if anyone had any feedback? On some of your queries on tanika. I made 2 shirts from them, elderly couple I think. One of them was one of my fav, good fabric, good...
Does anyone have some pics of a worn and used whole cut? How do they wear with creases? Looking to maybe get one but they don't seem to get a lot of loving?
Looks great! Love the colour
Thanks! Looking good
Nice, able to get a top view please?
If you're able too- mind taking a close up of these on your feet? They look stunning, thanks
Vass monks in burgundy .. I'll try and get a better shot soon
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