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May I know what last these are on? Thanks
I do not have any Us but tried it at the store and if I were to buy, I would buy the same size as I do for the F.Are those gold museums from Vass?? They are STUNNIng! What model is that if you don't mind me asking?
HHow is the museum calf in real life? Similar to JL?
Hi, when you say 1/2 size correction, does that mean they modify the exact shoe that you got? Can you advise on the returns procedure? I have just received my double monks but they appear to be 1/2 size too big, same as I ordered them in store and I am abit disappointedThanks
WhWhat last are these on?
ThaThanks for the reply
Hi?, is Marquess a MTO company only? Or do they have RTW, also, may I know an indicative price for their shoes?
Areare these dovers made by Vass?
Hi, where's the best place to by AS shoes? I know a fine pair of shoes stock them but any others to recommend within UK? Thanks
Thanks, nice shot!
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