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I'd hesitate on the boxer briefs though, no pouch designer, very little room - they're breathable for sure, but I find them a bit uncomfortable.
Have they said when the last call is going to be for this round?
Has anyone tried to get the MA-1 in any shade of green? I'm assuming the suiting wool selection likely does not include it, but I feel like I've seen an olive TOJ MA-1 somewhere online.
Realizing that as the days tick along, maybe I do want to get a navy MA-1, or maybe I do want to get the 2013 varsity...
Looking for a varsity in stock 48, not trying to get a particularly great deal. I also have a grey bball in size 50/51 that I would trade for a tan or grey bball in a 48/49
  TOJ / H&M / J. Crew / Nike
Paloma is the best way to go, IMO the "classier" grapefruit juice + club soda isn't actually as good as using Jarritos, Izze, or even Squirt or Polar 50/50. Just be sure to give it the touch of lime.   Lunazul Blanco is my preferred tequila for it, ridiculously cheap, flavor carries well, 100% blue agave, what's not to like?
Been wearing mine since late September at least 2-3 times a week, washed once - I've got pictures around if someone's interested. Still love it, held up great.
Thanks for sending it along man, appreciate it. I was really committed to getting a new/as close to new as I can pair, so at 60 I'd probably have to hold off. But if you're just looking to get money in your pockets I could probably do something like 35. Let me know where you're at about them, maybe something can work.
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