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Somewhere there's a storage room with what I need. Alas, looks like it's going to take bleach for this round.
Here's a sad question: anyone ever replaced/cleaned laces for KVAs or similarly ridiculous sneakers?
Yeah pricing on velcros is getting mental - a great shoe but so hard for me to imagine shelling out close to retail anymore.
Nice to hear, thinking about heading to it in the coming weeks before it closes.
Nothing like getting me more nervous about sizing down from 42 to 41 for a Velcro order....   I always wonder how much it comes down to how people are using the velcro (since the velcro should solve a lot of the width differences) - do they just tend to run long, and that's why the size down recommendation has started?
I'd hesitate on the boxer briefs though, no pouch designer, very little room - they're breathable for sure, but I find them a bit uncomfortable.
Have they said when the last call is going to be for this round?
Has anyone tried to get the MA-1 in any shade of green? I'm assuming the suiting wool selection likely does not include it, but I feel like I've seen an olive TOJ MA-1 somewhere online.
Realizing that as the days tick along, maybe I do want to get a navy MA-1, or maybe I do want to get the 2013 varsity...
Looking for a varsity in stock 48, not trying to get a particularly great deal. I also have a grey bball in size 50/51 that I would trade for a tan or grey bball in a 48/49
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