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it is likean onion.............
Oh...very nice colors! Very dandy...compliments! Very very elegant! Great combination and very nice ties! It is still a very vintage silk Vintage hail Look at the beauty of this transparency! This vintage thirst more than 50 years of his life on his shoulders will betting all unlined and all hemmed by hand ancient bespoke, always whole unlined and all hemmed by hand like 100 years ago. congratulations to all.... for taking a ride with teh boys' in teh delorean we...
^ directly from cappelli
^ that depends.....
il vecchio drappere has many interesting things i and member jona have been visiting paola from many many years. for shirtings paolo clerici is a milanese institution but better to rent a car and drive to albino and buy to heart's content of thomas mason and dj anderson or even visit giancarlo bonfanti
Oh...very nice colorVery elegantVery niceVery Very dandyhowever....if you havean'ancient thirst'that can;'tbe slaked...someone from sfjoined teh professorherein his deloreanand is gatheringan 'ancient hail'with many manyyears on its'shoulders....some saythat it cameall teh wayfrom1943during teh war!
and if youbelieve ityou have lostthegame
don;t believeeverything salespeopleor adverts tell u...have you forgottenthe lesson ofartifran andteh truth?
if you mean the loaferthe waist of that wasblake stitchedriccardo is quite proudof the fact that he isself taughthe and his brotherwent to the u.sfor a vacationwhen they wereyoungerand visited somebootmakersin fact it washis brother who wastrained as ashoemakernot riccardoriccardo lovescowboy bootsand when hereturned to italyafter his vacationhe corresponded withseveral bootmakersto inquire how tomake boots
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