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thank you dear really but it is true vintage circa anno '95 by italian camiciaio tomasso everes en cravatte by famous italian riccardo james
until the hk boys send in reports here is one of paone;s suits for sum easter fun in '12
i heartilyagree
8. teh testimony (lolz) of a driver who has driven it nearly 30 times (over 9000!!1!!) before most on this thread even got to sit in teh car ? good to see rj and heistillmatt still here
interesting teh 'less active' comment... ive been to napoli most recently in july and usually stay for a week gennaro is always at rubinacci early and finishes late and works saturdays too... funny and if i recall there was a sf member recently ordered at teh haus of r and gennaro was the cutter
it is nearly finalisedfor the weekend of29th-30th nov.email them ifyou are thinking ofcoming
angleyeslol nohis jackethas plentyhow can youeven see inteh badphone pix?
trudatfrom what i knowit is around thatamount moreor lessfor surei and othershave donecmti believe ionly ever poasted onepix of a panico suitafter a drinking bingeand i onlyposted one pic ofa paone suitmany easters agoin appropriate coloursthese are mymost recently completedonesi don't takeselfiesor toilet shotsbut if youlook at mostrubi garmentshere you cansee his workexcept some withparticulars thatwere insisted onby clientssome otherolder fittingpix
a tailor i have used in napoli for several years is gennaro paone the head tailor of london house/rubinacci i have never poasted completed pix of my jackets since i did not want any sharp eyes to recognise telltale fingerprints of his work although some of teh fitting pix do give away his work. here are some photos of my fittings with him (except of course the one with panico) and below are some unedited pix i have introduced some select few in teh past to him and...
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