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eww..looks liketeh pattern ofteh vampwas not designed properlyand placementof stitches wasnot placed well
thank you for the replythis is exactlywhat one shoemakeri know told meto make shoes(bespoke or otherwise)to the best possiblelevelone does for 'fun' and 'passion'because you willnever become wealthythe 'better' money liesin simplifying the processand mechanise itso that anyone witha modicum of trainingcan operate themachines^this is what iwas wondering aboutsince the previous holesare hidden whenrestitching...does this have anyimplications for tehlifespan of thefinished...
i have seen the processas described by bengaland usually the makerknows enough not touse teh worst parts.....but why would itbe utililzed (seemingly)in a fourfigure shoe?granted the makerlater changed tehleather but reusedthe gator parts...question:why was it cut andstitched together inthe first place sincethe maker is teh onewho cut the pieces?would reusing thesame croc piecesnot weaken thesepieces since ithas to be restitchedin the same placeand thus creatinga 'stamp...
wait....that is awholecut test boot?....what did you order?
thank you for answering edit: nevermind i may need to take esl... =(
i wanted to askmy question herein teh appropriatethread...this is suchan example?minor detail...but is this punchingacceptablein a four figureshoe?but mostwill be dazzledby the shinythat thesewill beoverlooked
very sculpted shoe @sd2002i saw a picon his tumblrthat seems toshow teh inside ofyour shoe..i think it is betweeneuro 250-300 forfull resoleincluding changingteh welt
too similar ? .... nah
lousy iphone pix 1. winter weight grey lessers sharkskin suit (pre harrisons) 2. heavy vintage holland and sherry brown birdseye suit 1. heavyweight dark brown melange vintage hopsack sportscoat 2. vintage linen wool mix sportscoat i was late in giving him this 1. greenish melange tweed sportscoat 2. my special order breanish pow made of undyed yarn
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