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meccariello completed work on my split toe derby from a vintage baby/vitellino annonay boxcalf mine is teh one on the left clicky piccy for linky
x-p0ast had-a fitting-with gennaro-paone for-a silk-linen blu-wheat oland-sherry sports-coat
had-a fitting-for silk-linen blu-wheat oland-sherry sports-coat
i thought hisargentum handweltedstarted atcirca 750i was told thatafter summer therewill be a price increasefor both handweltedlines and bespoke
you areconfusing himwith bestettimeccariello neversold to thosetwo storesdunno whathe will priceteh rtwall i knowis what ipaid for minewhich is bespoke
on his instagramthere are somepix of teh rtwversion:pasta sauce:insta1insta2insta3
what flapi said thatthere was noneas for your question:what i knowis that the firstinsole was for avery formal patentbespoke oxford shoemeccariello correctedme about the secondphoto for teh rtwbecause teh pixi attached was unfinishedthe rtw insole stillhas another process whichreduces teh thicknessat teh edge andcreates an externalwall
that norvogese hasan inside holdfastit is hard to seehe cuts a notch insideliek a "V" with onearm verticalto minimise how muchleather is removedfor teh inside holdfastinstead of excavatingmore
he sent mesome pix of mytwo split toesin teh werks...in two tonewillow grainwith norvogese stitching:and in vintagebaby annonayboxcalf:what i knowis 4-5 months
i agreei bought abonafe shoe in japanseveral years agowhen i neededa quick pair.teh morandi modelfrom beams: delishus sauce in bluei got bored withit and decided to havea looky insideblake insideunderneath tehsock^video at about2.27 showsteh blake stitchingat teh waistit is an easyand cheap way(liek pegging)to get the appearanceof a handweltedblind waistif bonafehad to make ablind waist byhandit would costa lot morethere is alwaysa reasonfor teh pricingbtwteh...
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