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email adamoand tell himto call giona
I have seensimilar effectslike this:from meccariellohe makes itfor some of hisshoes in japan
bank transfer is also possible
screenedas far asi knowquite a bittrue if its haikubut since it is not haikuur fail post is fail
a few months ago when i was visiting cappelli in napoli we were browsing his archives and admiring the past offerings of holiday and brown adamley and david evens there was a particular david evens fabric that was quite nice it was a floral neat in a fresh but still muted and elegant colour it was printed on a hopsack woven silk i thought that it was a very alternative for a warm weather tie and wondered if it could be remade. i contacted adamley since they own...
would youknow whythey preferto use thisinstead ofthe realthing??I was toldit is difficultto work withand utmostcare hasto be takenlike forkid goatalso teh skinsare full of scarsso great carehas to be takenwhen cuttingthe patternhere arereal carpinchosuedefrom meccariello
teh madderand woolchallis willbe for teh fallwinteraround octoberor sono definitivestyles haveyet been chosenfrom the david evansand hadamleyarchives
a tease something i saw when i took a ride to teh past in teh delorean..... a warm weather tie.....
let us notget ahead ofourselves..that is forteh coldweather....... and yesthat maybe upcoming=)........something differentsomething for warmweather....here is a teaserof teh originalwhichi sawwhen taking a ridein tehdelorean...but imaginealso inother colourways....
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