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saw meccariello again today to check on my upcoming order... an adelaide made with baby dark brown baby reverse calf.... i also saw teh finished mountain ram boot.. it is spectacular and i want one... and saw another boot he was working on....
i saw antonio todayand saw quite afew awesum things...especially teh boot..shaft is not lowsimilar in heightto the originaland teh toeboxis larger than aeg 202i also saw morethan 30 alligatorshoes in progress....
i just spoke to antonioto arrange a meetingthis weeki asked him aboutyour situation...he saidhe sent you an emailyesterday...and as for teh delayhe said your testshoes were almostready two weeksago..but you askedfor changes indesign to tehtest shoeso he hadto remake it..and he sentyou a pixyesterday..
i have a few shoesfrom a shoemakerthat i used to workwith...strange thing isthat the forefoot ofsome shoes arecanted inwardssome cantedoutwardssome are 'normal'ie on the centrebelly of teh soleand some area combinationin one pair ofshoes....and the lasthas not been modifiedbetween shoes..why?
thank you!it is aready to wear shoe....so the last optionseems unlikely....
check teh lastfew posts ofthe threadstarter(who has morebespoke bestettithan most onthis thread)unfortunately thepix are gonebut his thoughtsremainmemberbamboo alsoposted his thoughtson the leather ofhis shoeon teh dutchstijlforum thereis a recent pix ofa pair worn5 times*if you use chromeyou can do autotranslate*
@DWFII, @bengal-stripe, @shoefan or any others knowledgeable about shoes.... i saw a pix of a rtw shoe costing over 1k euro from the seller;s site and noticed teh heel is this a new wave method of heel construction that has not yet made its way down to other shoes ? or is this a peculiarity ?
well he poasteda few pixof teh gutsand makingof argentum rtw/mtopix1pix2pix3pix4pix5pix6pix7
i think youshould excludeaugustcause it isa dead monthwhen everyoneis on vacation
i spoke to antonio a few days before he left for vacation to finalise some details of my next order: (aurum adelaide romulus made with baby reverse calf) i asked him about his argentum project and what he told me is more or less what has been written by others above: argentum rtw: about euro 500 or below cause he wants it to be accessible to most argentum mto about euro 650 choice between 3 lasts several models different leathers argentum mtm about euro 750 this...
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