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that is a greatlooking shoesimple andcleanwhat leather?any new pix?
that is a wholecut seamless boot !! first complete one i;ve seen online other than the veiny cowleg that @bengal-stripe poasted a few years back
here is anotherby a knownbespoke makerwhen asked whyhe makes that cuthis response wasthat he needed a'special' machinelike a hat shaperto make it withoutthat central cut...we wonderedwhy he couldn;tpre-last/block it byhandand then we seeanother makerhand lasting awholecut seamlesscroc boot
this is supposed to become a seamless wholecut chelsea with hidden elastic sauce: meccariello's blog
i think he justpoasted it todayon his blogit is supposedto be a chelsea.....sauce: his blog
he uses gls for euand dhl for othercountriesdid you checkhow much itwould cost?and was itfor one shoeor for two shippings?
from what i know...standard line 'meccariello' is euro 620 for mtoaurum is euro 1000 for mtolast adjustment plus test shoes is euro 300what he told meis that when aurum waslaunchedhe started witha lower priceto get people totry themand also heunderestimated the costof making last adjustmentsand a test shoe that isfully finishedhe told me last weekthat from now onhe is going to makeall test shoesby goodyearinstead of blakeso that people canbetter estimate thefeel of the...
i believe his bespoke starts atabout euro 1800 to 2000in napoliwhat he told me ishe checks the measurementsthat you send himagainst teh last youchoose....if he can give youa good fit onthe standard lastthen it is a simplemtobut if the measurementsand the last are notin harmonythen he offers toadjust the lastand make a test shoe
im 90% sure it is peccary from the hair follicles to the way the leather wrinkles at the quarters and the description of its softness someone poasted a proposal for a bonafe bal boot with peccary shaft and you can see teh same type of wrinkling it is the reason i think peccary is a terrible leather to make a pair of shoes with
thank you dear really but it is true vintage circa anno '95 by italian camiciaio tomasso everes en cravatte by famous italian riccardo james
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