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this beastie is with charlie about to be rendered into something noice.....
i hope theydo not replace itwith tehmodel thatthey made forzegna causeit is a stepbackwards
i bought a sweater from lol'connells and was disappointed with it fit and quality wise i liek flat seams with no bulk and the colours that can chosen are much better with teh rich vargiations in teh yarn so typical of shetland and to get it bespoke with a lower price gives you an overall better fit than otc what is silly is to pay moar for something that is less
lotsgoogle is yourfriend alwaysor you cansend jamieson'san email requestingwhere to orderbespokei believe in julysomeone elsetook overbut theydon't do bespoke
why would youthink that?i don;t thinksonopenot all
i have a tiemade by cappelliof teh same silkit is a vintagedavid evans printif i recall correctly
^ you can do a lot better than lol'connells by getting one from the shetlands made by a handknitter cheaper than those ebay;d stuff moar and better colour selections too dumbass comment from one of your reviews... a 'real shetland' has saddle shoulders... lolwut? (must be an american thing) teh handframed ones have no shoulder seams no side seams no sleeve seams
i have seen thisfabricand i thinkit comes fromhs' harris tweed booklooks remarkablysimilar if not identicalto leaves' coat
1. ate the meat2. made shoes and bags3. blanket --> to teh tailor4. ???????5. profit!!!11!!!naturally...
off to teh tailor: hopefully ready by mid dec
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