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i think i found outwhat is causing tehconfusion....i entered the siteusing proxiesfor differentcountries outsideteh european union(eg us, australia, etc)and the price displayedhas the vatautomatically removed..eg the principesmodel in the eu is 500 euroand outside is 409.84 euroi sent antonioan email to changehis text description
makes sensei checked andprice for the principesis 500 euroand shoe treeis 80 euroincluding vatfor hollandexcluding shipping
that is strange...a collegue of minein teh states orderedand didn;t have problemswhat shoe did youorderand what was tehprice excludingshipping etc?i can checkwhat the pricehere in hollandwill be forteh same shoe
it is teh samecolour treadfor allnatural colouredlinen whichpicks up tehcolour from thecreams/polishgood lucktrying to askfor a differentcolour thread
also john lobbteh perrier last 8896(?) 8.5Ewilliam (can;t read teh numbers) 8E7000 last 8Eas per hawksbillas @Swede66 saidif your small toesare longera half size up would bebetter..when i tried teh hawksbilli fit into my usual uk Esizemeccariello apparentlyextended his size andfitting guidemy bespoke onesafter ~ 7 wearsmade of his vintagebaby annonay boxcalf(no shota...)from inside and outside
very trueesp. if teh personis not very...precise..to wit:uneven trimming anddamaging stitching ofteh liningcutting intoteh beading:rough cuttingat teh base:or even cuttingthe stitching ofteh beadingat the base:that being saidmany italians usethis method(usually with teh eyeletspunched out before lasting)but the workis much cleaner
the size guide onhis site has someinfohttps://www.meccarielloshoes.it/size-fitting-guide/i have triedteh prototype rtwwhen i visited himi havegg last mh71eg last 202last 606teh original 888and 82all size 8.5 UK E(the last 2eg modifiedto give me a bitmoar width atthe forefoot onlyand not Ffitting)with argentum rtwi fit into 8.5 UK Ethis ismy experience withthem
candy shoppe coloured reid and taylor (scotland) shetland tweed an old slubby hopsack off white italian silk jacketing a vintage slubby herringbone wool/cashmere/mohair heavy overcoating from loro piana a better view of teh silk if i;m lucky gennaro paone can have it made so i can get some use from it this season
handwelted(with a carved insoleinstead of cut flapsand turned)is much muchmoar flexiblethan a gemmedgoodyear..just try to flexa carved insolevsan insole withgemming stuck onit is logical reallyalso, i believe(everything being equal)that a handwelted shoewill be lighterbecause there isless filler(and moar killer)
... buying may bea bit strong...and it isa small percentagethat 'ermes boughta seraphin jacketi ordered a monthago arrivedmade of deer suede
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