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what i was toldby meccariello wasthat teh thinnerthe skin(eg baby calf)teh higher teh riskof damaging itwhen getting ridof the foldshere is a pixfrom his tumblrof teh first stageof mounting achukkaand teh finished chukkalinky goodness withteh stages of making:meccariello tumblrhe also made achelsea boot inporosus crocfor a rashan clientfrom his instaand some moarpix of teh makingon his tumblr
^ that ain;t it
look at tehzonkey boot threadat teh hatchgrain chukkafail finishingas it nears the topis the same kindfail finishing(maybe notsurprising sincethey are kissingcousins)the type oftannage meansthat other processeshave to be usedto prevent michael jacksonshoesand some shoemakersare more...skilledthan others
meccariello makestwo lines of rtw shoesfor japan;napoletano rachelewhich is handweltedandmeccariello which isstandard goodyearwith teh linen featherwhen i asked himawhile backwhat teh difference iscompared to theshoes he sells directlyhe said that thegoodyear rtw for japanis equivalent in qualityto his test/fitting shoesbut the fittng shoesare better finishedhis napoletano rachelertw shoes for japanis equivalent in qualityto his previous standardlinebut with lesser...
why wouldn;t hefor the price?although teh ultrafine baby reverse calfhas an upchargefor aurum and bespokehe uses regularreverse calfas standard
meccariello just completed my adelaide in baby reverse calf suede
he said weston;s methodneeds linen to strengthenteh holdfasthis methodhe says is functionallysimilar in strengthas a handwelted shoesince the stitching goesthru the centre/core ofthe insoleplus there is nohigh wall like westonor gemmed shoesso teh space to be filledis much lessand makes fora lighter shoelike handwelted onesand yeshe says he usesteh same thicknessinsole as his handweltedshoes; ~5-5.5mm
not exactlyweston cut and turnhad a linen reinforcementcause the leather flapis thinthis is stitcheddeep into aninsole which isas thick as usedfor handwelted shoeso it needs noreinforcement
what he told meis thisaurum and argentum handweltedinsole:argentum rtw and mtoinsole:and for his test shoesand cheaper shoesfor some storesa gemmed goodyear
i believe it is:argentum rtw/mtoavailable on his sitethen argentum handweltedthen aurumand finally bespoke
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