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from what i knowat least all are cutin napolioverseen by tehhead tailor
will youmake me happyand filmteh firecrackeras i asked youlo those manyyearsago....
that price you gotfor teh shetland isquite goodthey probablywere trying toget rid of ifbut in generalthese two are quiteexpensivei;ve been goingto il vecchio drapperiefor over 10 yearsand at least forme the prices arequite reasonable
^ they are not across the street but on the same side both are overpriced but magnifique has a deeper selection and more unique items
^ thank you it was defintiely powder from inside the shoe going out
@DWFII i know that handwelting gives a bit of water resistance (as does gy and blake-rapid) i have a few handwelted shoes from a maker that i used before but when i use footpowder after a few minutes i see powder outside the shoe on top of the welt.... why is that?
edina.....it would have beenbetterif you were thereto serve usyour liver
antonio meccariello aurum
teh problem isfor such a subscriptionwith an international basethey run intoproblems withtheir american distributerthose who subscribeand are in the stateswould have to paya higher costthan those outside
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