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the black insertat the heel:looks very muchliek compressed fibreboardwhich is usedin making a stablebase for women'sheeled pumps(i saw a similarthing donewhen my wifehad her pumpsmade)
in teh statesit is commonly called ahollywood waist/hollywood waist band(google it)and is more commonlyfound in womenswearit used to bemoar common formenswear in the pastsometimes witha half waistbandin the fronti bought pantsfrom banana republicin the late 80'searly 90's(when they stillhad the faux safarivibe in the SF store)that had this typeof waisti also have a fewbespoke from ambrosiand one from huntsmanthat have this waistband
thank youfor the clear anddefinitivepix
ah...teh seamless wholecut croc!when i saw iton his instai thought ifit was anyoneon teh forumit would have beeneither@chobochobo or@ThunderMarch
ahhh..and wheremay they bein teh landofmulti kopterism=Dteh lifebloodof many....suckers
look againteh bonafe apron is a separate piecelook carefullyif you don't see itlook againand againwanna clue?look under teh lacesgood to knowthat you learntsomething...since your poastbelow:was in replyto my previouspostwhich alreadyshowedthe lack ofa split toe....
i have a questionthat i posedon teh bonafethreadhereyou may findthe bonafe postof interest
thank you forproviding anindirect answer tomy question poastedabovenao....not to bepedanticbut i wantto discusssemantics......what does.."produced in a similar way"mean??here is a photofrom a famedjapanese maker(clicky linkyalways in blue)showing teh components(excluding the heel counter)of a dover shoeand teh finalproduct:note that theprepwork for preparingteh handstitchingfor the difficultapron stitchand split tohas been doneand here isa pix fromyour salespageand a new...
i too was doubtful about veg tanned in terms of hassle in maintaining teh shoe.. so meccareillo sent me a pic of a shoe he made for teh ready to wear line of rubinacci back in 2000s and the client went to see him in jan of this year to greet him wearing teh shoe
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