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^ yes they are
^ thanks it is not aurum but his standard 'meccariello' line i also asked not to close teh waist tightly because it would be incongruous with this type of loafer
thanks r.that was my intentionto have a nicer versionof the classicbass/sebago/weston typepenny loaferthis is a last meccariellomade early on whenhe startedhe said this type ofshape and loaferwas more popular inteh pastgrazie!it is a willow/box calfin the original sensethe 'grain' is a resultof hand currying/boardingnot like current willow grainwhich is a stamped patternhe said that the grainpattern will becomemore prominentafter a few usesespecially at teh creasesi think...
my new loafers incoming soon moar pix here
my new loafers incoming soon moar pix here
^ no because teh charvets i bought back in the late 90s are now history
i have a few charvetbespokeand they fitnowhere as wellas some neapolitanshirtmakerssome costing as lowas €70charvet hasa nicer fabric selectionand teh showroomand all that jazz
he just uploaded his new 'aurum classic english last' as well as an older last here
formosa senior wasthe cutterthe coats he madeis quite differentfrom nowand he was famousnot only for his db
made by formosa seniorteh famous sartoa very different coatfrom what is beingmade there nao
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