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that is whati was hopingyou couldhelp with...
i found it:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAN_QP0tfdMif you fast forwardto 0.57s onwardsa lot of thesemachines aremade in vigevanoteh centre oftechnological advancesin shoemakingmachinery
dunno...what i was toldwas it lookedlike premadesoles forblake stitchedshoes
thank youi was trying tofigure outwhat a bespokemaker wouldbe doing withthem
that isa no brainer
nore-read my postteh peoplei deal withknow the differenceand they haveseen how thosewere madethe machine to cutthe feather froma thick insoleand to stitch itto the welt andupperis readilyavailable in italy
@DWFII would you know what these are ? one shoemaker told me it was premade soles
this isteh funniezmillikopterz
i was toldthat teh companywho makes forlouis vuittonuses this methodfor their'goodyear by hand'
this is a jokeright?usually liesin teh domainofstreetwearlawlz
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