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^ look at his latest shoe on his blog
^ you maybe mistaking my writing style but as an nb when you replied to counter roy's theory (based on his ample experience with his bespoke footwear) by suggesting that it maybe possible in mto and rtw but not in what you have seen is a bit off to me
^ you have seen much much less than roy he and his brother have almost 10 bespoke between them
^ ........
^ all roy's shoes are bespoke
^ this would be interesting to know since seteria canepa the largest in italy uses this and allows for small limited runs
i haven't heardcafone for awhile!usually i hear itfor breadcafoneis a better term!you;re right
i;ve been to many many shirtmakers in napoli from the highs of matuozzo and aprea to the middling to the lows in teh quartieri and outside near vesuvius for 35 euro anna cuts a most elegant shirt not exaggerated non per le 'terrone' o le fighette con pieno di grinze handwork as marcodilondra has explained is common you pay for as much or as little @c&a you will see when you take a tour with me
this is more akinto what i am used to seeingfrom this pirozziand teh stuffhe made formaresca
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