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incredibly well madeattention to detailis superbmuch bettermade thanf.leder, s.schnieder, edios etc outerwearand teh pricebeing what it isi bought anotheras a backup....
teh photos postedby @nutcracker was madeof suede treatedto look likecarpinchoit looks verysimilar to tehswatch posted by@ThunderMarchi;ve seen itsometimes called'tapiro'teh pix i poastedseem to be area few pix ofreal carpincho/capybarayou can seethe difference inthe size ofteh markingsand teh distinctivefollicles in thewhiteish areas.cleverley shoe:vssimulated carpincho/tapiroand if you feelteh leather inpersoncarpincho is moarliek nubuckand the...
really nicereview @ThunderMarchthanksi;m not surethis is realcapybara/carpincho(same animal)i think it isprinted calfsuedeand seems to befavoured by manyjapanese and afew italian makersliek bemer.if you lookat teh realskin youcan see differencesin the grainespecially inteh 'whitish' area.i had a discussionwith @nutcrackerawhile backin this thread
best talkto teh peopleat nmwa
yesi believedispatch/despatch coatis teh traditional namefor this type ofcoat google imagesit was repopularisedby nick ashleywhen dunhillrevisited theirpastand later atvc white
i rarely buy online and teh service from nmwa was very very good i bought teh scye despatch coat back in november i had never seen a version in wool it was always in cotton like that made by nick ashley for dunhill and later on for vc white regarding the quality of the make.. it is excellent and worth the full asking price thoughts: the fabric is a sturdy but not harsh wool and cashmere blend i'm guessing to be about 32oz/mt it is a hefty beast it is a slim...
my thanksit will be onelollercoasterof a ridea heart shaped gapegifwould be moreapropos
here it isin 4 easy framespart of what madeconnie a legend
during my catholic primary school days we sometimes wore blazers in barathea (teh rougher type) and serge
on his instagrami saw him mentionthat teh problemhas been resolved
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