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i am not sosure it is 'sub par'leather in thatthey would usethe same skinsas most other brandsrather it could bethey use mostof teh hideorthey do notknow how toproperly treatthe skin
that iswhat ithoughti understandwhy you won;twhat i did notunderstand wasyour original poastwith the linksaying that teh1.6k shoewas not wellmadebut with no contextvs whatvs what mostothers percieve inthe same price classand same 'prestige'there is no differencehenceyour statementthat it is notwell madebecomes moot
i lookedat your previouspost andthe lazymanpic you poastedis not a wholecuti;m a bit lost...a seamlesswholecut is 1.5kwhat did youask for thatmade it thatprice?exotic?complex design?
what meccariellotold me wasmaking a seamlesswholecut shoein calfskinis not that difficulta bootis much muchmore difficultand his pricefor that in leatheris not too bad(if i recall correctly1.5k for shoe2k for boot)in croca seamlesswholecut shoeis difficultbut in abootis hellishthat is whyhe said hetold his clientthe waitfor teh bootis almost ayear
i couldbe wrongit has been almosta year when iasked.. butthat was fora taller laceupcroc seamlesshe madehe did sayhe does notreally like makingseamless crocbootscause of tehextreme difficultytime consumingand high risksof damaging theskinhe said it is mucheasier to makea seamless croc shoeor that hermes wholecut2 piece riding bootand it wouldbe a lotcheaperthen againi think he isteh only onewho has beenable to makeitbut it is truejl rtw exoticsare overpricedmeccariello's...
i cannot seehow you can tellfrom the photoswith full certaintythat the toe andheel stiffenersare not leather.yesteh toe puffmay be thermobut the heelstiffenerlooks quitesubstantialand lookslike it couldbe leather.which rtwgoodyear weltedmaker at asimilar pricepoint uses feltand full heeland toe leatherstiffeners?
what industryis that?even amongrtw englishmakerseg top drawermakes sclook amateurishmost of scis only half handweltedthe other halfis the easypegging
this beingsfand especially oflatei believeit is more aboutaesthetic anddesign(and a 'me too'fitting in withteh crowd)and that trumpseverything...at least thispart of sfhas not yetdegraded/pollutedto tehlevel of thestreetwearsubforumwhere destructionof leather anduse of iron nailsare lauded forgiving a desiredfor aestheticand costingwell north ofgaziano shoes
not minebut he told meteh price is alittle bit higherthan jlobb'srtw exotics
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