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dunno whatteh stitchingis calledit is linedin cashmeresince theyadvised againstmy usual chamoisliningit is a bespokemerola
it is calledblown highlightssince teh socksare creamas ifi would wearwhite socks.....
i saw a shoethat looks liekyours on hisinstagramand it waslabelled 'test'
mmmm just for fun... not teh cheapie designer tomford lamberston etc with only the back in croc.. this is full gator
dat;s somegnarly awsumbootsis this yourtip?noicetest shoesright?wore my gatormocs todayand sent antoniopix whichhe poastedon his insta
thats it!.. not exactlyshoemaking at itsfinest...i remember showingit to teh shoemakeri was working withat the time....... he gave mea 'indescribable look'...and uttered wordscontaining 'pelle' and'merde'....he later attemptedto make onefrom primeskin and gotmost of thepleating outbut as far asi knowhe has notcompleted it
@DWFII and @bengal-stripeare there anyphotos of suchboots?i remember bengalattaching a photoseveral years agoof a rather..gnarly bootmade with aveiny cow legnot reallyan elegant shoemade with decentleather..it seemed morelike a 'cheat'to make aseamless bootwith worsethan waste leather
lolzfrom shoesnobblogcerruti in the centrewith shoemakers
was with the paones today to pick up a few things... brown is a wool linen mix
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