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  Hmm, yeah. I'm trying it out today. I think I prefer the double cuff when I wear boots and I think a big cuff only goes with the bulk of a sneaker. Thanks for the suggestion!
I'm short and I didn't get them hemmed, so...I am still considering a double cuff but eh
Hi, I'm Katrina. I realize this is a men's forum but you guys talk about denim and leather, the loves of my life...   I dig vintage equestrian-inspired Americana and classic silhouettes. I'm working on my first pair of raw denim and loving it!   Will Leather Goods. There's a storefront on Abbott Kinney in LA. Amazing quality, reasonably priced for the quality, super soft and easy to break in.
Pics of my Naked & Famous The Straight Stretch Selvedge (women's fit): Worn pretty much every day since 12/31/12. No soaks or washes yet.  
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