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What are the rise and leg openings on the 32s?
I, like most of my fellow SFers, adore the Brooks must-iron OCBD. I'm really a 33.5, but 33's always run short and I despise the sleeve blousing when I have cuff buttons moved on my 34's. Given their shirring and lack of a normal gauntlet, should I have the sleeve length altered from the gauntlet or from the shoulder?
I'm quite positive they're men's shoes. I've come across that model numerous times on the fora and on eBay. 
These look to be Crockett & Jones, who do most of Ralph's English benchmade footwear.
Dammit, dammit, dammit. Why am I broke? Oh, wait... SF.
Sold out, though.
Sold-out collaboration between the great Kamakura Shirts and Graham Marsh, the master of Ivy style. Size small chambray button-down with rear collar button, locker loop, and the all-important, angelic roll.   Asking $90 or best offer. Shoulder (seam-to-seam): 17.75" Chest (pit-to-pit): 19.5" Sleeve (from shoulder): 25.25"
Stunning new in box 10E Alden tassel mocs, made up for Leffot in NYC. On the Aberdeen last with flex welt soles. Includes Alden shoe bag.   Retailed at $535. Asking $300 or best offer.
I'm hoping for the former, of course, but fearing the latter. Can anybody tell?  
A stunning (and NWT) American-made Brooks Brothers glen plaid suit with a subtle red overcheck. The labels predate 1818, but they're clearly recent mainline or samples for the 1818 line; with 3" lapels and the exact same dimensions as a 38R Fitzgerald, Brooks' trimmer cut, I'm safely assuming it was intended to be a Fitzgerald. A similar suit retails for $1000 at Brooks.   It's listed on eBay as well, but I'm giving SF members a better deal here--dropped to $550. Open to...
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