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Thanks, should have specified 300 USD or under though, those are closer to $400.
Can someone recommend me a medallion toe wholecut or similar sleek medallion toe shoe for 300 or under?  Something similar to thie G&G Hayes or Grant or the Herring Scott.  
I picked up a new suit, navy/brown plaid.  The brown plaid is unnoticeable from more than a few feet, and even in bad light it just looks like a dark navy.  I typically avoid black shoes with brown clothes, should I stick to that with the new suit? or does black go fine?
 That's true, I live in the desert, so my conditions are quite a bit different from those experienced in New York.
 I walk about 6 miles a day as part of my job, mostly on concrete and asphalt and my shoes hold up just fine.  I probably go through more soles and cleaner than most, but most of my shoes have held up just fine.  I deal with dirt and stuff, but not bad weather, so that probably has a bit to do with it.
I wasn't aware any of those materials got better with age, are you saying all my old faded thin ripped jeans were actually better than a new pair?
Disappointed that they're pre-tied, but otherwise exactly what I'm looking for, thanks.
Anyone know a good source for a slimmer (1.5-2 inch) tweed (or tweed like) bowtie?  I need one for an event coming up and can't find anything that's both slimmer and has the rougher texture I'm looking for except for a few at the tie bar that don't do anything for me.
I recently ordered a linen sportcoat and when it arrived it turns out it's fully lined (poly lining no less).  I wanted something for spring and summer days (70s and 80s), is the full lining going to make it way too hot for my needs?  Should I return it and find something at least half-lined?
Anyone have (or have seen) the Washington light blue plain linen suit?  I'm looking for something I can wear as separates casually or together for a slightly more dressed up look.  Anyone seen this and can say if the fabric/design works for it?
New Posts  All Forums: