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I picked up some Park Avenue oxblood seconds this week and was wondering if this is pretty normal for seconds or if they're worth returning.  The finish is pretty streaked and there's a nice cut in the side of the right shoe.      
That of course being my one jacket without a boutonniere hole, but I can deal with that problem.  Thanks for the recommendation.
Looking for a little advice.  My long-time partner and I are finally getting married in August, and we're doing an evening outdoor wedding and keeping it fairly easygoing.  The lady has only made 3 requests of me, and those are that I wear a specific pair of black shoes (no problem, they're my favorite shoes too), that I don't wear the ugly 4-inch polyester silver/white wedding tie my dads stepdad gave me years ago when we started dating (also no problem), and that I wear...
Thanks, should have specified 300 USD or under though, those are closer to $400.
Can someone recommend me a medallion toe wholecut or similar sleek medallion toe shoe for 300 or under?  Something similar to thie G&G Hayes or Grant or the Herring Scott.  
I picked up a new suit, navy/brown plaid.  The brown plaid is unnoticeable from more than a few feet, and even in bad light it just looks like a dark navy.  I typically avoid black shoes with brown clothes, should I stick to that with the new suit? or does black go fine?
 That's true, I live in the desert, so my conditions are quite a bit different from those experienced in New York.
 I walk about 6 miles a day as part of my job, mostly on concrete and asphalt and my shoes hold up just fine.  I probably go through more soles and cleaner than most, but most of my shoes have held up just fine.  I deal with dirt and stuff, but not bad weather, so that probably has a bit to do with it.
I wasn't aware any of those materials got better with age, are you saying all my old faded thin ripped jeans were actually better than a new pair?
Disappointed that they're pre-tied, but otherwise exactly what I'm looking for, thanks.
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