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Too bad Araki doesnt make anything in size three.
Ah, thanks! I shall definitely hunt them to try some of their backpacks in person.  Speaking of belts, here is my favorite.Simple buckle, full of m.a+ features yet not tacky as his silver-cross belt.
How are their backpacks in terms of quality compared to Guidi or Devoa/Julius? Never had an opportunity to handle it in person, but I love the design.  .... also prepare for yen to do stupid things today.
^ Carpe Diem in size 45 is almost impossible to find and low instep versions in 45 are quite hard to be worn for me while AA_dve 44 size of m_moria fits me just fine. I wish I was able to find more CDiems in 45.
Thanks.  Bumping this in order not to get lost.
To more M_moria. This thread is like a fresh air compared to the other one thanks to this angry guys going to stain it like they have done it with sz. Hope it will stay the same.
Sorry, you have claimed yourself all other facts don't prove the initial shipping address and the only proof is the address on the parcel itself. It's good you finally admitted you're unable to proof your own claim. As expected, you silly attempt to shift the burden of proof has failed.
Thanks for digging your own grave. Now, since the burden of proof lies with you, please show us the CA address written on the parcel since according to you this is the only proof of initial shipping address. Don't try to backpedal, move goalposts or shift the burden of proof. I can't wait for it.  Whoa, and why have you presumed it, especially you were given a link? This link actually https://www.gr@iled.com/users/17886-psidy/wardrobe
Too bad you were asked about another, yours presumably first grailed account (you have several grailed accounts), told us this reason and then it was proven this account was banned even before you have bought the item from seller, huh? A clear lie from your side. How about you stop thinking your US standards are applied to the whole world? It's not how EU postage systems work and I have already shown it to you based on CN22 form which doesn't have shipping address on it....
 Do you honestly claim the only proof of initial shipping address is not a receipt being given by post after it has been stamped but the address written on a parcel itself?
New Posts  All Forums: