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1 size large iirc.
Check 4 pages of TLC.https://thelastconspiracy.com/collections/men?page=1I personally won't buy due to TOO much similarity too close to copying but their quality is okay.@MickeyPunch It's hard to find anything cheaper yet in the same artisans category though.
@Jbravo, these are awesome!
Thank you! I will consider it if I am unable to find any EU-based cobblers who accept this kind of work. For now I will look for any option to get it repaired by Altieri associates.
Unfortunately, DSM option isn't possible for me since I am not the original owner so I guess the m_moria guarantee is lost for me. He was able to reglue it but the glue is coming apart after 1 month or so (i.e. 7-8 wears).
Speaking of m_moria, it's not so undestructible as we've thought. I live in a dry sunny environment (15 rainy days a year or so) and my sole of AA_dve first DSM buy of 2013 iirc is starting to unglue apart and cracking. I had to take it to cobbler to reglue but looks like his glue isn't holding it up much, I see a thin crack again.    Does anyone know if it's possible to ask for a repair, maybe paid (iirc m_moria has a lifetime guarantee but still), not through the...
Hahaha, that's funny!
It's the same for my jacket. Since LEB molds it to his body I guess there is something to is but I don't honestly care about it since it's hardly visible.
No, LEB leather is fine unlined.Great purchase!
Label Under Construction. A brand by Luca Laurini, who worked under Maurizio Altieri in Carpe Diem.
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