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Exactly! And I thought, Zam Barrett, the man behind the brand itself should have known out of all people how does his sizing run and what is this specific pants sample he sends to me while being asked for a pants of size 48 EU.Anyway, I hope to believe it was one of its kind mistake which could be easily fixed in much less humiliating to me way. The problem is it's not fixed even now (but it will be fixed by Paypal eventually anyway now). The necessity to resort of a help...
Can't imagine Slimane models being 48 haha. Anyway the more I know the better, thank you for the explanation!
Depends on a model I guess. My knowledge of samples these are items produced for the runway or showroom for models to wear before buyers make their decision on the buy: if designer doesn't offer these items for the models as a form of payment, they have to other use (being worn despite once or twice) to him and usually go to the sample sale. So if designer models are S or L, samples worn by them would be S or L accordingly.I could be wrong since I am on the other side of a...
Surely? Not so surely. I haven't asked for measurements, I have asked for a pants in a size of 48 EU, I was told a pair of pants of size 48 was sent my way and I have got a confirmation, quoting Zam, "the measurements of the pants was off, because it seemed it shrunk in the treatment process". Samples usually aren't labeled at all as far as I know, at least I don't remember a label attached to this pair. 
As much as I hate of taking part in another possible shitstorm I think I have to reply.   Zam, my displeasure with the way you doing things isn't because of items you make (they are great) or isn't because of your policies (Final sales are final indeed: if you get something you paid for and not happy about it, it's your problem), or isn't because you make mistakes of sending your customers wrong items (we are people). It's because you can't handle your own mistakes once...
No, I have just succeeded in opening a claim, Zam still has 10 days to respond through paypal and I wonder how many days will it take for him to actually do it.
Highly unlikely! Their store policies say PAYMENTAt the moment, we accept payment via PayPal only, with all credit card payment processed through PayPal.   So it's definitely Paypal. Look up your email or something. Try to look for dialogue@zambarrett.com ,this is the email used for paypal payments.
And wow, I have called Paypal, explained them the situation and they were able to open a claim for my gift payment regarding Zam Barrett's issues! Hope I can get my money back, it was one hell of a 6 months of almost begging for it.   Never thought it's possible but it is. @omar white , I suggest you to do the same if your paypal payment was a gift one.   Quite ironic again Zam replied 20 minutes after I have notified him I have resorted to paypal since I've left out...
Uh-oh, shameless plug right here, right now: I sell a Label under construction handstiched knit REALLY THICK coat for 400 euro (price is firm for 3 hours).   http://www.stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=20661   Very similar to this one except it's reversible and pockets are different. http://pnp-firenze.com/wp/product/label-construction-handstitched-knit-coat/
Holy shit, and I thought I am the only unlucky one here. Can you open a paypal dispute? So far this is the only believable way to get your money back I think.
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