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Hello everyone,    For sale is this beautiful MA+ black leather 3-fold wallet. New and unused state, I have no tags or bag unfortunately though. Wallet is the same as sold here: http://shop.hlorenzo.com/products/mens/accessories/ws93_sy_0_5_black  leather is calf (not so grained and a bit softer) though. I am able to provide my own photos upon request.
Hello everyone,     Some medical expenses resulted in drastic measures: my CCP black goat leather derbies went on sale. Size is 11, vibramed, worn carefully. Not sure which section does it belong, guess it's still classic menswear. I am located in Europe.    
Yeah, previous year it was the same situation. If you've managed to bought a lot of stuff please be ready that some of it is out of stock so you will be refunded for it.
Just a minute of rant that I forgot again about fucking ln-cc habit to show you all sizes in stock until you actually try to buy something. And then whooops, it was out of stock all this time but they show it to you only now.
I thought you've meant pretending to pay for an item but not actually doing it, right?
The question here is if you've paid for the item or not.
I don't see anything wrong with it, you can't "set aside" items. You can get a reply an item is in stock, ask for a paypal email and pay as you receive it. After payment the item is indeed secured and they can't sell it to anyone else.
Thank you!
Much appreciated.
I live in warm country (so my only pair of winter boots is suede) and have to visit a cold country for 10 days =)Thank you for your advice! I'd like to learn more about protection sprays though.
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