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Thank you! This is the first time I have seen CDiem in my size so while these are not s23m I want I simply can't pass by. I can't and I haven't.
What is the point if you paid in advance?
Has a way to buy out auctioned items w/o BIN besides messaging the seller been invented?
Yes (I am sorry, Sepp, glad you've grabbed the second pair).
Custom order guidi I believe. I've sold great CCP derbies size US 13 for a laughable amount of money and I am unable to edit my signature to remove them haha.
I am so pissed when people start to use designer names as buzzwords in their ebay listings just to make it appear in any search results. I wonder if anyone was raped by a claim since his item definitely wasn't augusta and ccp at the same time yet the description said so.
Dover Street Market, one of the first (if not THE first) retailers for m_moria.
Yes, I was the one asking this question on SZ. Later I have called DSM and confirmed it myself.
Well, according the SA in DSM yes, you send them your shoes and they send them to Altieri workshop to resole. Maybe Holger can add something being m_moria retailer etc.
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