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Thank you!
I remember how he has met him at home, yes. Maybe he will see it and respond, I still don't feel myself being pinned to a wall enough to ask for a personal favor. Thank you!
Except the reason was stated above by several people, one has just to read it.
I am quite sure (without any certain reason though) Altieri would offer some help if I am given a chance to reach him. However, I am as well sure DSM won't let me use their service as a third person and I perfectly understand why (despite the fact they have sold this pair and got their profit already).
He probably would, this is I have asked for the possible contact info before. However, the retailer is the problem since they want to deal with their customers only and not some random guy who doesn't have any receipt and isn't into their database of customers (I know they keep one). I still will probably take my chances (again) but this is an unlikely route.
Hey, I never talked shit about your boots! This was the first thing I have done when I have thought about if I should vibram it or not. Alas.
I am afraid I can't or at least I don't know how to do it. Retailer's way is closed to me since despite I know where it was bought (DSM London, probably the first or second iteration of 2013 or 2014) I wasn't the one who has done it and I don't have a receipt. I have stated the reason above, DSM can accept it only from the original customer and I don't want to bother him with it, it seems unfair :) I would love to have a mean to contact Altieri's studio and ask them about...
Please tell me if you know good cobblers in Paris who are able to work with m_moria, this is the same issue I had before: my heels are coming apart.   http://imgur.com/a/wiXDH
use Zenmarket, they have an extremely cheap fixed rate.
Why don't you just use a proxy? You pay the proxy, they pay Gullam, get your item and ship it to you, everyone is happy.
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