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Does anyone have any experience with Guidi customer support? My 988 horse zipper has been badly torn (at fabric): now the only option is to change it entirely. My cobbler can do it but obviously he doesn't have a Guidi zipper or quite similar to put a puller from my old zipper there at least. Any chance they could send me a new zipper? I don't mean the whole repair. So far I've shot them an email but never got a reply. Unfortunately, asking retailer is not an...
m.a+Saw these once in my size, was too poor to buy (even now retail for them is quite high) and never again. Ehh.
Thanks, but this is an unfortunate dead end I've tried: you are unable to register at their website and their phone doesn't work.
Please help me to find Kuboraum U5 in black matte, I am desperate. EU preferred, offline store in Paris as well. http://archive.kuboraum.com/2012/12/blog-post_7695.html https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?...4093228&type=3 Maybe they accept reorders? If so, which stockist can you recommend to ask? Thanks in advance!
Yeah, these A3 above are the best.
I see, thank you!
Which one is that? I don't remember any Poell at Rue Herold.
RO mohawks are the only exception for me.
Thank you! This is the first time I have seen CDiem in my size so while these are not s23m I want I simply can't pass by. I can't and I haven't.
What is the point if you paid in advance?
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