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Return the item, then buy it again. Otherwise, you can inform them beforehand you're going to return.
Never ever do it with the word 'artisanal', okay?
LN-CC is well-known for this: I don't know why don't they fix it, but I am used to it.
Try to choose any of the sizes (not open the sizes droplist only) and you see most of them are out of stock.
for sale are these Carol Christian Poell black pants, made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Condition is 9/10, no tears, no stains, no smell whatsoever.  Size is really rare for CCP classifieds 44 (too small for me, oh well), inseam is about 75 cm from crotch and waist laid flat is about 39-40 cm.  Price is 180 euro+shipping+fees. Pardon the shitty pictures, they don't do justice to these pants
Hello everyone,     My CCP black goat leather derbies went on sale. Size is CCP 11, vibramed, worn carefully. I am located in Europe.  
Is this what you've thought when you flipped these barbours?
There actually WAS exactly the same situation once. Not with Barbours but with geos.
Yes, these one. Usually I have... higher demands, so I've never experienced Marsell before. There was only 43.5 left when I bought mine. I heard they run about 1-2 sizes larger so I should be fine with size 44 being 45 myself.
This is what I've grabbed in 44 myself :)
New Posts  All Forums: