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I guess his work puts him there much more than his words. I doubt there is a designer working in artisan industry who goes to an extent like Geoffrey does. Him being vocal about such an extent is more like a pro than a con to me since his clothes are limited to a very small amount of stockists and you have to experience it in person (just like Deepti by the way). Also I very much love the fact he is the one of a very small company of designers who bother themselves to...
God damn it, when I was at gullam I've heard they have only size 0 and 1 and hasn't bothered even to try it on, what a shame. 
Oh yeah, IDOL is the best, I used to shop there even from EU.
From the very beginning? You are lucky then, my pair went me to the hell and back till it molded to my feet (or my feet molded to tornadoes, who knows).
He has survived a couple of tornadoes, CDiem instep is nothing.
Do they work with shell cordovan? 
Geoffrey's stockists are listed here, so given the collection year and the fact Farenah isn't listed there I guess he is well aware or at least there is nothing to be done.
To me it looks like an attempt to promote the brand and add awareness, especially since he calls it "Carpe Diem revival". I won't insist it's him, I haven't neither asked nor heard this name from Altieri himself, it were other people who have mentioned it. However if not him, who else? Definitely not Amadei, Luca or Sara Lanzi. Someone mentioned Issei Fujita of Lumen et Umbra but I guess it's highly unlikely.
I was quoted Jun by several people in the industry several times. I am pretty much sure it's his brand. Which name have you heard then?Mostly because it's a public forum so if Altieri is ready to express his opinion through public means of information like doing a proper interview he's going to do it. So far his opinions were expressed in private and just out of my deep respect for him I would keep it as such, sorry.
Graham is such a wonderful person, he is the best to represent GBS in Canada I bet.
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