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Moscow: svmoscow and project314, this is all.
Kuboraum, Rigards.
What m.a+ has done for SZ store? 
Of course not, I was talking about the sales assistant. 
I highly doubt CM industry is able to provide anything like Geoffrey makes, especially concerning the fabric and methods of production. They have their own standards which are different from artisans.   We had the same kind of discussion before comparing m_moriabc and cm bespoke shoes, it's two different paths to take and follow.   And I think with proper approach Geoffrey's team can accept a bespoke order (however I don't know it for sure).   The worst thing here is...
Taken to a PM as advised by LA Guy.
Yes, last year it was more close to the previous one, mine biker is 50 while I am 48  too. I meant this year iteration, SS16.
Yes, new iterations of bikers doesn't have sleeves as long as a previous one and much more true to size than his old works. Now it's highly recommended to have a true to size item: both aviators and bikers.
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