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My m.a+ pants are almost of the same texture and I've recently sent the SAME texture pants to Zamb back because they were once size smaller
The only substance which touches my shell boots besides deer bone is saphir renovateur in small quantities. 
How do they build the priority whom to email first and whom not to email because a person emailed first has bought the item?
YY made some raincoats, no?
Anyone who bought it, please let me know if these don't fit!
Ah, I see, it's just you've posted only one link in the first place. It seems I was correct, but this guy definitely overexaggerates things (and Geoffrey was quite harsh himself). I wasn't interested in this market back then (and I was too young anyway) so my opinion doesn't matter much but it hasn't lead to Carpe's downfall for sure since there were no Carpe's downfall. It was just shut down and definitely not because of the lack of demand from customers.The issue of...
He probably removed it from his post since there isn't a single guidi mention on that page.Anyway he is 100% influenced by Geoffrey's post long ago on SZ when he said the same. 
That thread doesn't have anything about Guidi as far as I can see. Do you mean the moment when they started their own footwear line inspired by those who sourced from their tannery business undercutting them?
I guess it's his reply to my mention of Lobb and Green (however I thought Lobb is doing a bespoke too).
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