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I have sent you a PM.
Bump   or   I know both brands are known for sub-par quality, but i just need a beater boot for final year uni. Thanks.
Hey for the malis a full size down or half a size down, also beeswax or brown? does it matter. I usually wear 8.5 in my nike free run 5s with think ankle socks,and in my Timberlands I am a size 9 with thick cotton socks, which is what I intend to wear with the malis.
hey guys quick question, I wanted to know something about the clarks desert mali boot, should i get it in beeswax or brown. I mainly wear trousers with dull and dark tones. Also sizing for clark, half a size down or full? thanks.
Dark tan ftw. 
Yes thats what I have also been told, the quality is sub-par compared to some other pairs in the 300-400 dollar range, and it was recommended to grab them in a sale. I only am looking at them because I'll potientially be going to live in the Carribeans for about 2 years this coming September or January and just wanted a boot that can suffice the weather over there, and potientially be beaten to sh1t but not make me feel bad :D Even though I feel bad for my shoes...
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