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In theory this would make sense; however, I wear my Rush Streets in the office only and don't really wear them any more than my two pair of dress AE's with the tap sole. Again, I'm not saying that the Danite soles wear down too quickly, they just don't seem quite as durable as the tap soles.
This has been my experience as well - the tap soles seem to be more durable than the Danites. Now, that's not to say that theDanites aren't of high quality, they just seem more prone to wear and tear relative to the tap soles. I also think the tap soles look more professionals - Danites seem better for more casual shoes (Rush Street).
I really like this pairing and the Rush Street in Olive. I have them in Golden CXL and love them!
My understanding is their business is really booming and have thus increased production quite a bit. I'd imagine that their error rate then increases but is still relatively low. Not saying it's acceptable but I think that's the rationale.
I have these same shoes - my favorite pair of "dress" AE's!
I'd hit it.
They look great! I have this same shoe in snuff suede - one of the two most comfortable shoes I own (the suede Amok being the other).
I don't know if they still sell it but they had a belt called the Cottonwood in red, green, and blue to match the different colors of Neumoks. It might be worth calling a Shoebank to see if they have any left if they have indeed been discontinued.
Nice. I stopped by the local Macy's today and they only had the Hanover (whole cut) in bourbon - sizes 8.5D and 11.5D (I'm an 11E) for ~$105 with the discount. Not interested in that shoe. I know the Hanover is a closeout model but the Carlyle and University are not. Very cool that you landed those prices. I'll assume the discounts are only good on the shoes on the clearance racks? Of course most/all are D width which doesn't work for me :)
They have already honored the 20% off for me - all you have to do is call and ask.
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