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My understanding is their business is really booming and have thus increased production quite a bit. I'd imagine that their error rate then increases but is still relatively low. Not saying it's acceptable but I think that's the rationale.
I have these same shoes - my favorite pair of "dress" AE's!
I'd hit it.
They look great! I have this same shoe in snuff suede - one of the two most comfortable shoes I own (the suede Amok being the other).
I don't know if they still sell it but they had a belt called the Cottonwood in red, green, and blue to match the different colors of Neumoks. It might be worth calling a Shoebank to see if they have any left if they have indeed been discontinued.
Nice. I stopped by the local Macy's today and they only had the Hanover (whole cut) in bourbon - sizes 8.5D and 11.5D (I'm an 11E) for ~$105 with the discount. Not interested in that shoe. I know the Hanover is a closeout model but the Carlyle and University are not. Very cool that you landed those prices. I'll assume the discounts are only good on the shoes on the clearance racks? Of course most/all are D width which doesn't work for me :)
They have already honored the 20% off for me - all you have to do is call and ask.
Tell me more about this Macy's sale - when I go online the prices are MSRP. Is it limited to certain on-hand sizes? I wear an 11E and most stores normally only carry a D width. I read in a previous post that a member picked up some black Carlyle's for $80.
My two most recent purchases: Rutledge in dark brown   Long Branch seconds. Only flaw I can find is different sized punch holes in the toe box. Paid $160 vs. $350 :)   How my natural tan McTavish used to look   How they look now (only using AE conditioner cleaner)     And my beloved snuff suede Amoks     Walnut Strands are my favorite :)
ditto on the suede Strands being narrow. I have 11E Macs, Rush Street, Walnut Strands, and navy suede Strands which all fit well. The vamp on my suede Strands is much, much larger than the others. The shoe is still comfortable and looks nice but clearly fits differently than the others.
New Posts  All Forums: