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I picked up a new/firsts pair in Snuff Suede a year ago for $99.00.  I love them - EXTREMELY comfortable!
Sounds like a good plan.  My Macs and Strands are two of three pair of "dressier" AE shoes (the other being black Hastings).  All other pairs are casual and mostly suede (I work in a business casual environment). 
Hi guys - I purchased the Rush Street (in golden Chromexel leather) a few months ago.  I like to take good care of my AE shoes and have only owned calfskin and suede up to this point.  What's the best way to care for Chromexel?  I've searched online and there seems to be many solutions, the most common being to let the shoe age naturally + brushing.  Ideas?  I was thinking AE's shoe cleaner/conditioner and perhaps a coating of Leather Honey (which I picked up recently and...
I have Walnut Strands and Bourbon Macallisters.  I actually like the Bourbon color more - the Walnut seems a bit too orange for me.  Don't get me wrong, I really like my Strands, however, if forced to choose I'd take bourbon.  If khakis and jeans are your primary thing I'd actually go for Rush Streets.  
Deets on the watch?
Thanks for the comments.  So, what I'm hearing is that the gingham check of the shirt will have more "pop" if not paired with a tie (and conversely that a tie sort of confuses the look - are you supposed to be looking at the shirt or the tie?).  Thanks guys!
Question: I'm really liking this look and have a jacket, pants, and a shirt which look almost exactly like this.  I'd like to wear a tie with this as well.  What would you see as a better match - brown grenadine or a grey (light or dark)?  I'm having a hard time deciding and don't have a grey tie to compare it with (but I do have brown).  I'm concerned that the brown adds too much brown to the overall look.  I'd be wearing it as a part-time college professor in the fall....
I've used the old mixture of AE Bourbon polish and it seems perfect to me - I don't know how the new formulation would be any different (but I understand that it technically is different).
I own a pair of Mac firsts (in bourbon) purchased directly from AE with the V-Tread sole.  The soles on mine look exactly like the top pair in this photo - the heel does not look like the bottom pair with the "V" on it (although my other non V-Tread soles do).  I bought my Macs in February of 2013.
Thank you for this.  I live in Minnesota and I'm not a fan of the leather sole bottoms (most of my 11 AE's have the tap sole which I love).  My MacTavishes have the leather sole and the shoes look quite a bit dirtier than my tap sole-based shoes.  Any product I can use to help prevent this (or at least make them age more slowly) is appreciated!
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