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A few more: brown Longbranch, walnut Jefferson's (my favorite pair), tan Ashbury's, and snuff suede Amok's:              
Some pictures of AE's I've been wearing lately: dark chili Carlyle's, walnut Strands, and navy Banchory's          
I don't have the ability to take a picture right now but my bourbon Manistee belt is considerably darker than the belt in your picture and also considerably darker than my bourbon Macs. Went to wear it today and thought it just didn't look right so I wore a simple AE brown belt instead.
Remember, this is a trilogy not just a movie. JJ already said that her role will be more prominent in Episode 8...
Those are not first quality. In fact, those look worse than the many seconds I've purchased.
I've had my eye on a pair I was looking to replace and have never seen them drop below $157, even during significant sales. I'd say go for it.
Ditto. I have the natural tan version and I'm very surprised at how much they've darkened over the two years I've had them. As well, they have a dirty look to them despite having taken excellent care of them. I'd be much happier if they would have stayed closer to the color when I got them (even the guy at the AE store was surprised at how much they had changed).
I would say a pair with a double oak sole (e.g. McTavish, Buckstrand currently on sale, etc.). A chukka boot would be nice as well.
The picture was taken shortly after receiving them and not having conditioned with anything. Since that time I've used Leather Honey and more recently Sahpir Renovator. The hold up extremely well and the color maintains over time. Extremely comfortable as well. Also, and if it might be hard to tell in the picture, these are simply brown leather and not CXL leather.
Someone recently expressed interest in a pair of natural tan McTavish so I thought I'd post a pic of my two-year old pair. These were recently treated with Renomat and went through one recraft (AE mistakenly put on a single sole instead of the double oak sole). They have been treated only with saddle soap over the years:     Same shoes from a year ago:   Hit my beloved Jeffersons with some Renovater (sp?), AE neutral cream polish, and Saphir neutral wax polish on...
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