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As do I with my tan Banchory's - even more than my walnut Strands and brown Rutledges!
I would disagree with this.  A few pages back someone posted a link to a guy who did a "tear down" of multiple shoe brands, including John Lobb.  What he basically found was (at least in his opinion) that the Allen Edmonds were on the same level of quality as other, more expensive brands (but they lacked the obvious signs of hand made shoes).  I view shoes in three tiers: Cole Haan/Kenneth Cole/Johnston & Murphy; Allen Edmonds; then the really expensive brands.  However,...
If these were part of a two for $299 deal I'd keep them.  But, at $220 each I'd return them, especially considering that another pair of seconds is likely to pop in your size soon.  Good luck!
I have these in tan (paid $125 for seconds about six months ago).  I love them but they'd a tad tight on me (had to go with an 11.5D vs. the 11E I normally go with).  This tear is so small I think you received a wonderful deal at $107.  Extremely comfortable shoes that look great.  In fact, I own 12 pairs of AEs and for some reason my Banchory's are the pair which get complimented the most!
If those are the only marks I'd keep them for certain.  I have the Amoks in snuff suede and they are one of the two most comfortable AEs I own (the snuff suede Neumoks being the other).  I LOVE these shoes - they pair well with all sorts of pants and shoelace colors.
I wear an 11E on all AE shoes, including the Amok.  I would argue that a 10E for you would be too narrow.  In fact, the 11E Amok is somewhat narrow for me!
Got mine earlier in the week.  They look MUCH darker than the brown in your pic (lighting?).  Despite receiving an EEE width instead of the E that I ordered I was able to make them work with a tongue pad.  Heel pads don't seem necessary yet but we'll see.  I did try on an E and it was PERFECT.  I can't really complain given the price.  Agreed about the leather quality - it really is "glove soft"!
Thought about ordering this new boot next month but they don't make my size 11E.  I can only get D widths to pop on the website.  An 11.5D is simply too narrow for me and an 11E fits perfectly on all lasts I've tried.
I really like those four eyelet plain toe boots but am not a fan of that Strandmok - the toe bleaching really turns me off to what otherwise is a fantastic shoe.
Yes, this has also been my experience (although they call back a bit more quickly) but I understand it - AE doesn't make much money from these types of sales and I can see why I wouldn't be considered a top priority at the time.  However, I also know that those experiences influence my firsts purchases as well.
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