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While I don't know what you paid for those Macs, I think they look fantastic and remind me of the Jefferson 1.0's I purchased as second as well. I would keep them for certain.
I would keep them provided you cut off this thread here (the thread of the shoe, of course).
Given what I've paid for very high quality seconds in the past, no, I would not keep these shoes at the price you paid.
Not always. I have a similar issue in that I have a high instep so I never get a small v-gap, even with well-fitting shoes. If I close the gap then the rest of the fitting for the shoe gets screwed up.
At the Rack I once purchased a $100+ Hugo Boss belt for $5.00 and a Canali shirt for $5.00. The clerk told me that some items which don't sell go to a Rack store in/near Phoenix called Last Chance. When something doesn't sell there it goes back to the Rack and is $5.00 regardless of what it is. I imagine that was the case here.
Very nice! Reminds me of my $3.75 for a $225.00 Canali shirt or the $20.00 for the $398.00 Armani shirt. Big fan of the Rack!
A few more: brown Longbranch, walnut Jefferson's (my favorite pair), tan Ashbury's, and snuff suede Amok's:              
Some pictures of AE's I've been wearing lately: dark chili Carlyle's, walnut Strands, and navy Banchory's          
I don't have the ability to take a picture right now but my bourbon Manistee belt is considerably darker than the belt in your picture and also considerably darker than my bourbon Macs. Went to wear it today and thought it just didn't look right so I wore a simple AE brown belt instead.
Remember, this is a trilogy not just a movie. JJ already said that her role will be more prominent in Episode 8...
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