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I moved to north Texas from Minnesota. I miss the snow!
While I don't know what you paid for those Macs, I think they look fantastic and remind me of the Jefferson 1.0's I purchased as second as well. I would keep them for certain.
I would keep them provided you cut off this thread here (the thread of the shoe, of course).
Given what I've paid for very high quality seconds in the past, no, I would not keep these shoes at the price you paid.
Not always. I have a similar issue in that I have a high instep so I never get a small v-gap, even with well-fitting shoes. If I close the gap then the rest of the fitting for the shoe gets screwed up.
At the Rack I once purchased a $100+ Hugo Boss belt for $5.00 and a Canali shirt for $5.00. The clerk told me that some items which don't sell go to a Rack store in/near Phoenix called Last Chance. When something doesn't sell there it goes back to the Rack and is $5.00 regardless of what it is. I imagine that was the case here.
Very nice! Reminds me of my $3.75 for a $225.00 Canali shirt or the $20.00 for the $398.00 Armani shirt. Big fan of the Rack!
A few more: brown Longbranch, walnut Jefferson's (my favorite pair), tan Ashbury's, and snuff suede Amok's:              
Some pictures of AE's I've been wearing lately: dark chili Carlyle's, walnut Strands, and navy Banchory's          
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