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Thanks for all the comments guys. Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Great shoes TR, really frantastic. Better than what I've seen from him in the past and that is saying something. How much input did you provide on details? Very little actually. He happened to have half-brogue sample, and I simply pointed to those and said, "One pair, please." I requested a very minor change in the medallion, but otherwise I thought all the other...
Random thoughts: (1) I have to say that the finish on the uppers is better than anything I own. It's a beautiful shade of brown with very subtle darkening in the right places that unfortunately does not come through in my pictures. (2) Other makers have given me narrower waists with a more pronounced fiddle-back (3) The workmanship is very meticulous with stitching that seems finer than I'm used to (4) I finally have a pair of oxfords where the facings line up perfectly...
Following up on my earlier post, I met with Mr. Myhre today to see my shoes. Unlike some other shoemakers who attach a temporary sole and heel during a fitting, Mr Myhre brought the completely finished shoe with him. This will allow me to wear them for a couple of days to gauge the fit and comfort. If necessary he will take them back to make adjustments. Note that the trees in the pictures do not belong to these shoes. Mr. Myhre only makes the trees after the fit...
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda Somebody else selling these: http://cgi.ebay.com/Japanese-Shoes-M...QQcmdZViewItem Looks like it's gone already. I still have one Vol 6. available if anyone is interested.
Bump - a couple still left.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. What is the highlight of the three? Initial post updated.
I have a few extra back issues of the Japanese LAST magazine. $18 each shipped in the US. [All Gone] 2 x Vol 4: Japanese Shoe Brands, Benjamin Klemann, Corthay, Berluti [All Gone] 2 x Vol 5: Grenson, Enzo Bonafe, Heschung, Foster & Son [1 left] 2 x Vol 6: Lobb St James, American makers: Vogel, Olvier Moore, AE, Vincent & Edgar, various cowboy bootmakers You can see the covers here: http://www.esquire.co.jp/last/backnum.html
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I have received at least a half dozen bogus e-mails like the one above for this auction, including some very professional looking spoofs. Very bizarre. What the heck?! Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda Same here! I wrote back asking each of them "how much is shipping from Nigeria" and I haven't heard back from any of them! Wow! I have no idea why the scammers are being...
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik Those are f'ing MONEY! GG bespoke? Quote: Originally Posted by kabert Hey, are these boots G&G? I might lift my own shoe moratorium to get a pair of these boots. Timeless beauty and sophistication. Yes, those are G&G bespoke. Edit: JC is too quick for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Well there ya go - so all these shoes fit like a US 9? That would make them all, sadly, too small for me. I was hoping the Vass at least was my size. The Jermyn II and the Vass may accommodate a US9.5 if you have narrow feet, but I can't tell for sure. The Asprey EGs are US8.5.
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