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What's the outer sole in CM? How big is your foot?
Can someone please advise as to the sizing on Rick Owens Geobasket Sneakers SS13? Apparently they run large. I'm typically a 44. 43 in this years KVAs as they run a size large. I hear Ricks are similar.    Thank you
  Have been on the fence for so long! Not sure..
Anyone know where where I can find the following in a size 43-44     Also, does anyone know how ann D high tops run?
Anyone have any experiences with both tees? I'm looking for a "longer" tee, that's more fitted. I have a few Silent Damir Doma tees and they fit perfect but I can't keep spending $100/tee.   Thanks
  KVA sole is probably .5 larger, however, the back is so thin there is no padding it does not push your foot forward, as well as this, the construction at the front (lacing/rising leather) pushes your foot back as well, leaving a whole size at the front.
  Do not listen to this guy, both me and my friend ordered TTS and they were a WHOLE size large
Hi,   I have these slippers, as you can see, they are very pointy towards the end. Almost a rectangle, I sized down and they fit perfectly around the foot! A little tight, which I assume will loosen up with wear. However, towards the end there is a lot of room. My foot fits great around the curve area, but I can't imagine my toes fitting in that space at the end? It's too long and thin. If someone could, please share some insight on how they should be...
I have a pair of versace loafers, you see how they sort of get really thin at the end, they're even thinner in real life. My foot obviously doesn't go in there because it's too long and too narrow. And I sized down. Is this normal? Foot doesn't come out when walking or anything.  
My KVAs arrived   Can confirm they run .5 large  
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