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Bush has that tendency to say "trust me" in every one of his speech. Just listen for it. Always gives me a chuckle.
wow. I've never seen such a chrono subdials placement before. Cool! Quote: Originally Posted by haganah I had a long day at work and may have just bought this off of ebay after a few drinks: It's from the 1950s I think. Swatch bought the brand and uses it as a private label line for other department store brands but I have a goofy feeling back then it was a higher quality watch. I'm off to watch some Arrested Development because clearly I...
You seem quite serious about big watches. I've begun wearing some of my vintage pieces again, and man, watch feels like nothing. I'm curious where most of the weight comes from in modern watches. Probably case and crystal. Sapphire crystal is so much heavier than acrylic. I really like the new "tool" straps. Pams are tool watches IMHO. Anything steel or over 42mm is a tool watch.
self-served = cannibalism. Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Any good restaurants? Not, you know, three star. Just one star would be fine.
No...you did not just say that! Don't worry M@t, ACboy is not fluent in Latin Quote: Originally Posted by m@T -.. --- / -.-- --- ..- / .-.. .. -.- . / .. - / - .... . / .-.. .- -- -... ..--..
come on now. No need for such violent imageries. Think happy thoughts.... I just a saw a few terrorist video taped beheadings so understand where my mind is right now. Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD The grain of truth being that the people who broadcasted the words "terrorist fist jab" should be dragged into the street and shot to better preserve the average intellect of the human gene pool?
damn, I should start selling cigarettes at the sales corner. Might even make a profit. Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda no. smoking is bad for your health. who wants to kiss an ashtray?
The photo Eason posted was Very beautiful.
Is there anything else to do there besides looking at statutes? Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter yeah, the flight is a killer, but it is a 5 hour flight, and there is only one airline. honestly, I enjoyed it a lot, but if you aren't into history, or you don't want to go to someplace that hardly anybody gets to, then there is no sense in going. I saw I would have a weekend in santiago, and I decided to do it. but it is pretty much a once in...
yep, when I first came across it, I thought to myself "wow. breathtaking." And then that Iranian picture came to mind. Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Definitely not photoshopped - at least not to a noticeable degree. It looks like it was taken with a film camera, and the wheat up front looks to be color balanced well. Nice photo, by the way. Seoul can have beautiful days as well, but when the yellow dust comes around......
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