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i agree the shoes are beautiful. I assume the high shine wont last past the first creme polish though or am I  wrong?   One thing I have always wondered about 'this type' of bespoke models is the steep rise of the vamp. It is a main reason why they look so nice to me, but it requires the front of the shoe to be flat for quite a long distance . Does that mean it wouldn't suit people with relatively high instep (like me)?
another great thing about EG RTW is the range of  permutations of last* "model"* color*sole with special emphasis on attractive 'model'.   I have some 10 JLPs (Classic and prestige) and I have basically run out of shoes i would like to buy except for a Chapel. Many of the JLP RTW models are, to my taste, extremely underwhelming in terms of beauty.    My greatest regret so far is not having been able to dedicate enough time and effort to find high quality italian...
  Neither have I, and I have acquired some 16 pairs in the last 3 years.   That is the beauty of RTW EGs, and why I rarely buy C&J Handgrades as they have been pretty hard to get at a discount in recent years. Why bother with an inferior product (albeit by not much) when you can pay less for more   RTW EGs at a discount are the shoes for the discerning few :-)
  If by john Lobb you are referring to JL Paris RTW that is not true. I have plenty of non-black JLP Prestige shoes with 'black sole'.
The SAs in the Jermyn St store told me some time ago that  there is no diff except for the coloring and from experience I have no reason to doubt it  
I hope you are right given that St Andrews has a great reputation for construction    I have four LP SCs, three cashmere and one cotton, and I love the fabrics but have been somewhat unsure whether they are matched by the quality of the construction.   Like LP shirts, LP SCs lack the 'decorative' handwork typical of Neapolitan SCs/shirts by which such things are measured these days
i know this is off topic but you are the most 'talkative Finnish' man i have ever 'met'.   By this I mean I would never thought i would  ever 'hear' a sentence like "the mindless treacle that oozes on most (insert brand) appreciation threads. I visit Styleforum in order to learn and share, not for the snark or one-upmanship of conspicuous instakops. There are shoes and there are Footwear, just as there is helping guys out and merely typing for egos and bragging...
AFAIK EG does AC for GC   But who are these Turks you speak of regarding AS?  
Try putting the same shoe , lets say an EG, in black and in chestnut (or burnt pine) for sale here and see how much you get for each.    
I live in England but thank god I was not raised here so I don't have hangups about non-black shoes. In any case, neither do many of my English friends. I have worn brown and burgundy shoes all my professional life here to no apparent detriment.   The majority of people who think black shoes are 'the' 'professional' shoes are either of a certain age, of a restricted profession or not knowledgeable about international business wear.
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