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Honestly, I find that diet is perhaps the biggest part of acne to me.  I've tried a lot of face washes (I always ice my face afterwards to reduce swelling) but when doing a paleo/keto diet i notice that my skin just feels "better". Its a bit hard to describe!
Just posted on another question!   Grain of salt- haven't purchased it yet! too pricey atm.   Handmade leather (brown?)   Another beauty   via rustic leather
Buddy of mine recommended this youtube channel reviewer does a lot of video reviews for saddleback and theleathershop   FOUND AN AMAZING MESSENGER above 500 :(   delicious. snooped around a little bit and got a blog photo  from their site   mmmhmmm, now i need to save up!    on a side note   I agree with buying messengers from ebay- recently purchased a...
cool backpacks, but i have to agree with Mr.martini 
how would that work? The cold would burn your fat? 
horrid stuff but some of Kanye's early works were pretty good
how are the melos? fit wise and lightness?  I play in the KD's and I've noticed they take a while to break in but after that its smooth sailing. 
Besides all the free runs and whatnot, are there any nike basketball shoes you guys wear? 
Thats a great looking bag TheMangelo, so it holds your charger too right? Seems like a snug fit 
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