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UW/OSU game a few days ago. Was pretty good but UW's center Aziz N'Diaye really needs work.  Couple of bogus calls too
Andrea is in a town though?  They're pretty well off, I'm assuming they farm and whatnot
omg i have to agree, did you see those blocks on lebron? 
+1 trolling +1 prada shoes, lol
  Wow That looks amazing. Just wondering- is their a Horween Shell Cordovan stamp on the back of it? I've noticed it in a lot of wallets
^+1. west is dead!!!!
HMG is a pretty bad brand.... go for some J crew chinos, more expensive but better quality 
I'd have to agree with greyweather,  my boyfriend bought HMG pants and they fell apart after a month. The shoes they make look like cheap Clark knockoffs too. 
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