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Yep, fiddleback waist and closed channel soles. Same nail pattern as the imperials too, I think. Finishing on uppers looked to be of a high quality when I saw them in store. Definitely a lot of shoe for the money.
PSA - TK Maxx website has a small range of what appear to be Cheaney Imperials at £150, sadly not in my size.   Also some Loake almond grain chukkas with Dainite soles at £90, which I couldn't resist.   http://tinyurl.com/crfhtns
Be the envy of your Dover-wearing friends with these stunning apron-stitched split-toe Chambords. In thick and luxurious red-brown Meleze Buffalo (Lobbspeak for lightly grained calf) on the Commando sole, these really are exquisite in the flesh and I hope my mobile photos have done them justice.   New and unworn. I bought them for myself having never tried the 8695 last (mea culpa) and they do not fit my low-arched feet. I considered stuffing the tongue and adding a...
I saw these Cheaney Imperials ("Earl's Row") in TK Maxx on Charing Cross Road today. A very handsome shoe and an astonishing steal at £150. Sadly there were none in my size.
I believe the double rows of nails with single central nail is indicative of Alfred Sargent.
Still available?
If you mean with just the penultimate button fastened, then I have always understood (and my Savile Row tailor agrees) that this is de rigeur.
    I personally enquired about the 88 last in the Jermyn Street store some weeks ago, as it is an excellent fit for my low instep foot. The gentleman with whom I spoke had not heard of it and said it must be an old last. I suspect this means that the answer to your question is, unfortunately, no.   However, I do know that Foster & Son still use the 88 for some of their RTW range, e.g. the "Cavendish", which are made by Green. Therefore, it may be possible to source a MTO...
Never owned a pair, but I stopped by the Barker shop at the corner of Jermyn St / Princes Arcade and I must say their high-end collection (Heritage or Anniversary or some such word) was quite impressive. I would say on a par with the Cheaney Imperial range but a fraction cheaper. The standard-issue Barker shoes I would place a notch above Loake (also in Princes Arcade).
Yes, I tried 3/4 leather insoles (Pedag Holiday) but they didn't do enough. I was considering tongue pads in addition, but then I decided this was too much messing around and I'd be better off buying shoes that actually fit me. Also didn't like the idea of spending big money (for me) on elegant shoes and then sticking a fluffy white felt pad on them!   Expensive lesson (the price of inexperience!) but at least I know a bit more about lasts and how a shoe ought to fit now...
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