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For sheer boldness of the tie per se, I gave it to rms340 and An Acute Style. But for impact when combined with shirt and jacket, it was in stitches.
My poor weather shoe: the "Cambridge" by Shipton & Heneage on a Dainite sole. I guess this is a poor man's Dover but I really like it. I think the size of the "lake" is spot-on and the lining is padded for extra comfort.  
First outing for this beauty last week:     Edit: taken within last 7 days, hope that counts!
Two Cleverleys and a Lobb. Beautiful shoes. All UK 12 / US 12.5. Low starting bids.   Auctions end this Sunday and all three pairs have yet to receive bids.   G. J. Cleverley "Charles" Dark Brown Antique Calf 12 UK / 12.5 US - BARELY WORN 0 bids £149.00     G. J. Cleverley "Adam" Chestnut Antique Calf 12 UK / 12.5 US - BARELY WORN 0 bids £179.00     John Lobb "Chambord" Meleze Buffalo Calf 12 UK / 12.5 US - BRAND NEW 0 bids £269.00
  I recall a black plain cap toe ("Chelsea"?) on the thin Thames rubber sole. Would make a very versatile work shoe.   There was a wonderful reddish-purple full brogue on Dainite in 11. I don't know if EG uses Cordovan, but this looked very much like it.
Sorry, should have said pre-sale price was £660 in VAT. No trees.   I agree with Malford, £460 isn't bad if you're lucky enough to find a pair that you wanted anyway. Can't really get them cheaper than that from the horse's mouth.   Apparently more sale stock coming in early next week.
No joy for me in the EG summer sale today, but picked up these Poulsen Skone (Grenson Masterpiece) black penny loafers from New & Lingwood opposite. The line has been discontinued (apparently because they lost the lasts!) so they were reduced from £449 to £199. There was a good selection of last pairs / end of line sale stock at similar discounts. For those who can get to London easily, it's well worth a trip as EG and N&L are next to each other.
  I just got back. Sadly for me there was just one solitary size 12 shoe in the sale: a "Piccadilly" penny loafer on the 184 last in what I guess was a light mahogany with burnished toe. Lovely shoe and fit me well, but I couldn't justify spending £460 and not getting laces.   So, as with the last EG sale, I walked in for shoes and walked out with socks: the cashmere was reduced from £59 to £15, cotton and wool from £21 to £10.   As luck would have it, there was plenty of...
I'll be making a flying visit to see what they have in 12-12.5. Will advise what I did not buy (and post what I did!)   Anyone going there should also pop their head into New & Lingwood directly opposite. They have an excellent sale right now with discontinued lines and last pairs at >50% discount, including Grenson Masterpieces under the Poulsen Skone label.
Forgot to mention: auctions end this Sunday (23/06).
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