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For me, the gold doesn't sit well with the watch's military credentials. As a result, it looks like gratuitous bling.
Nor a cigar.
Now that I think about it, the only solution commensurate with the shoes being protected is not moccasins, but a chauffeur.
Maybe it's time to invest in some driving shoes?
The scratches are deep, so they might not "polish out" completely. I could try some Saphir Renovatrice, which is essentially a thick paste that sets hard. To be honest, they've given me four years of excellent service so I'm not too unhappy about this.Here's what they look like after some Bick4 conditioner and a fresh layer of wax polish, ready for action again tonight:
The result of an after-dinner cross-country walk in my Malverns:
The size and shape of the rubber quarter heel are consistent with Italian manufacture. I can't see any external welt stitching (there is fudging but that appears to be decorative). Again, that is consistent with Italian manufacture, in which Blake stitching is more common. Is there a visible line of stitching on the insole within the front part of the shoe?
I see parallels with John Lobb's (RTW) recent transformations. Time will tell whether these forays from style into fashion pay off. It feels like there's not enough business to go around, so someone has to roll the dice...
No, he is saying you should only use slim fit shirts and sweaters in this combo. A baggy shirt will have folds beneath the sweater, creating bulges in odd places.In truth, it's probably just the shirt that needs to be slim fit.
Go back and snap the 12s, godammit. I'm sick of this sizism.
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