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Had some interest in the C&J shoes and the Glenbrae jumper. Here are details and pics: Shoes C&J for New & Lingwood bluchers in Burgundy Cavalry Calf. Same as the now-discontinued "Lanark" in C&J's version of corrected grain leather. This is a high quality CG leather treated in the same way as Cordovan during the tanning process by impregnating with cow's fat. (In fact one of the salespeople at C&J on Jermyn Street thought it was Cordovan.) Size UK 11.5E on the 341 last...
I'm inclined to agree on the jacket. I know it's all the rage these days, but I wish I'd gone for a long on this. I think the jacket sleeves are ok, the problem is the monkey-length shirt sleeves (which were charity shopped the next day). All in all, not a post-worthy fit.
I also have a few other goodies to clear out:   Crockett & Jones burgundy derbies UK 11.5; Alfred Sargent black cap oxfords UK 11.5; NWT French Connection blue linen suit 42L/38L; Glenbrae red seamless merino v-neck jumper L; couple of Fred Perry blue polo t-shirts XL.   All very lightly worn except the suit which is new. Happy to take photos and post here if interest shown. Pics of the shoes:  
Here's the 44L New & Lingwood suit. Cloth is dark grey with a fine stripe. Jacket is 44L and trousers are 38L. I bought it in a sale about a year ago and never got round to wearing it before losing weight. Meaning to put it on Ebay but too busy. Original prices on the tags. I paid £235 in the sale. Happy to sell it here for £135 posted in UK.   [[SPOILER]]
@Sandwich it's a great choice. I tried on some Speedmasters in an Omega shop in London a few weeks ago. Seeing them online, I found them unremarkable. However, they are different in the flesh. The classic Professional transcends the other versions, in my opinion. It is superbly finished: I had no appreciation for how fine the lettering on the dial and bezel are. A thing of beauty. Omega has also resisted the trend towards obscenely large watches, with the result that it is...
I think I have a dark grey suit by New & Lingwood, new with tags. Possibly some others. Never worn due to weight loss. Will check for you tomorrow morning.
Ha, a far more pleasant backdrop than mine! I do enjoy the yellowing of the silver dial in the right light.
Smart casual for a cold, bright Spring day:     Jacket: Lightweight Shetland tweed Tank top: Peter Werth Shirt: Unidentified Italian Trousers: Orvis cotton twill Shoes: Foster & Son Cavendish (by Edward Green)
 The former being the most important, of course.
^ Ceci n'est pas mal. After breakfast in a greasy spoon off Trafalgar Square, my OQ says it's time to hit the books:
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