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Are there such things?
Unless they're lasted, there is no value in buying expensive branded trees. All spring-loaded trees are much of a muchness. Jones the Bookmaker often has them on sale, if you live near a store, otherwise I've had good deals from Cathcart Elliott online. £15-20 is a sensible price.
Wrong link? Those aren't watch bracelets.
The chestnut question... Formal: they would pair well with medium to light greys. They're not especially formal shoes, however. Semi-formal: they'd work with beige linen and chinos (I happen to be wearing that colour combo now, see pic). I also match this colour with red, as I think the orange tones are complementary. Casual: it's quite traditional to match this colour with denim jeans, especially the derby.
Agree C&J handgrades are terrific value. Furthermore, the maker has by and large resisted the temptation to introduce new "fashion forward" styles (the Truro trainer notwithstanding). For me, they excel at robust English classics, such as the Bradford captoe derby and the Pembroke full brogue. One caveat about C&J's lasts, however, which makes comparison with G&G difficult: they tend to favour a higher-instep, larger-volume foot. G&G's lasts are much sleeker and suit my...
They are glorious, but I believe the diamond broguing disqualifies them from this thread.
I like the clean, crisp lines on the case and the solid junction with the integral bracelet. The "battlements" on the bezel give it a nautical air (perhaps they remind me of a ship's wheel). I see this as the perfect companion for a sophisticated summer of island hopping in the Mediterranean. Congratulations.
I don't see anything other than normal creasing here. Furthermore, the creases run horizontally, which is is a good sign. Non-horizontal creasing is an indicator of poor fit.
Hubris, dear boy...
Very pointy lasts like this can look good on average or smaller feet. On my size 12s, a job in the circus would beckon.
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