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Agree with you. That's why I wrote almost. I doubt I'll ever part with my Oysterquartz because I love its 1970s futurist aesthetic. Plus it's one of the rarer Rolexes - I've only seen one other in the wild.Also, shouldn't the plural of Rolex be Rolices?
I see a ton of Rolexes on the tube in London. I was almost thinking of getting rid of mine because they've become so common.
I don't know if Edward Green is a net importer or exporter. However, regarding its import of raw materials, it will be considering more than just the recent weakness in sterling. It has to consider potential future currency downside and the real prospect of import (and export) tariffs being imposed in the event of a "hard" Brexit. The business environment is rather uncertain at present. Risks don't always pay off. Furthermore, I doubt that production is as easily scalable...
No, but they sell authentic jam.
Those are triumphant. Country club calf.
Maiden voyage, innit.
I have never been drawn to the minimalist aesthetic of Nomos. It tells no story to which I can relate. I don't like Skagen watches either. Or Ikea furniture. Somehow these things don't seem REAL, as if they are empty models of reality instead of reality itself.
^ I don't think it's silly at all. Clean, simple design, avoiding unnecessary fuss. Chunky brushed gold, wide milling on the bezel, solid and straightforward lugs. The black strap and dial work well with the gold. It's what Rolex would have made in a steampunk parallel universe. A keeper.
Strictly speaking, this thread is about poor men. The cost of the watch should be irrelevant.
I like the typeface. There is something of the departures board about it. Consequently, it feels functional, efficient, and makes me think of foreign travel. Congratulations.
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