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^ Ceci n'est pas mal. After breakfast in a greasy spoon off Trafalgar Square, my OQ says it's time to hit the books:
I like everything about this, except that jarring diagonal date window. I am particularly fond of the marcella-like backdrop: is there a horological term for this?
@gwshearing Those have good character. Leave them alone, you'll only make things worse.
I pulled the trigger on some Alden cordovan straight tip bluchers at 25% off, with free shipping to the UK and all tax and import duties prepaid. The total was £412 ($585), which I thought was a good deal considering it was "all in". I'm hoping they look as great as I've heard tell.
I'm considering the Cordovan straight tip bluchers from Brooks Brothers, which are available shipped to the UK for £410 (around $580). They would be my first pair of Aldens. Firstly, is that a sensible price? Secondly, any opinions on black vs colour 8? I feel the black would be more versatile as it spans the spectrum from casual (e.g. with jeans) to all but the most formal wear. However, there is something rather special about the richness and lustre of colour 8. I look...
@Igor01 I'm a firm believer that if you want a shoe with a rubber sole, you should buy a shoe with a rubber sole.
I would let them dry (out of their bags) for a few days first, if you haven't done so already.
Red trousers. Thank me later.
Not true. That is one possible difference. @HanEyeAm has already mentioned other differences.An opinion combined with a generalisation. Top stuff. Regarding the former, are you actually a Jared customer or have you just read a few reviews?Good for you.How arrogant of you to label as "uneducated" people who shop with authorised dealers, which I imagine includes many people on this forum. What a poor idea you have of education, that its outcome is a person who knows how to...
What's all this open 9 day nonsense then?
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