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Good DIY. And technically these are now custom shoe trees.
You have advised:Blackmail;Libel (the retailer is not price gouging); andUnfounded nuisance lawsuits (by your own admission).And, frankly more important than any of these, you have advised generally outrageous, ridiculous, reprehensible, spoilt, shameful and, above all, ungentlemanly behaviour.And all of this to force unfair terms on a retailer who has done absolutely nothing wrong.Your concern for our our young buyer just starting out in the world is touching, but your...
^ I would agree. Many modern lasts favour a longer and slightly (or "suspiciously") square toe box. I find this can exaggerate the length of a large foot, which, like me, you seem to have. (I'm a UK 12, I'm guessing you're at least an 11.) This is not to my taste - think cartoon clown shoes - so I prefer classic, more rounded lasts. However, I think your look is just fine.
Nobody has objected to that.I have objected to your suggestion of attempting to blackmail a retailer into discounting his products or refunding a presumably fairly issued store credit.The buyer is free to purchase a watch from the cheaper retailers you have mentioned. He is not entitled to force their prices onto the retailer with whom he holds the credit note (unless that retailer has a stated policy that allows him to do so). Nor is he entitled to force the retailer to...
It creates a slightly thick and hard burnt end, rather like tying a knot, which prevents further unravelling of the stitching. But this is just what I do. I have no idea if it is received wisdom.
That's a half sock. A full sock would be when the thin leather liner that sits on top of the heel padding extends all the way down to the toe.
That's the store's business. They know what they need to sell for to cover their costs and return a profit worthy of their time and investment, not you. Maybe other stores can do it more efficiently, or maybe they are running at a loss. The market will decide who stays in business and who doesn't, not you.Which means that he or someone connected to him has already chosen to spend their money with this retailer, with full information about their pricing available.What about...
^ I usually burn off small pieces of exposed stitching with a cigarette lighter.
^ Disgusting.
I like it. I would say it's very versatile. I can see it looking sharp with a suit and being worn more sportily.
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