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I would've, except they're a C. Slightly weird size and the second tine I've seen NOS EGs on Ebay in 12.5C. Obviously never see them in a sensible size like 12.5E - I guess those ones all got worn!Very nice deal for someone lucky enough to have long thin feet.
Can someone please explain why these are still for sale?   EG Dover 10.5 11 D 606 two tone & texture $550 absolutely livid they are not in my size
Still don't get it, but no matter...   If you're going to be in London at some point, you may want to look in New & Lingwood on Jermyn Street. Last time I was there (a few weeks ago) they still had some shoes left from their winter sale, the majority of which were loafers. They were heavily discounted, although I wouldn't necessarily characterise these as shoes to throw away. It may be worth phoning ahead to check that the sale stock is still...
Yep, fiddleback waist and closed channel soles. Same nail pattern as the imperials too, I think. Finishing on uppers looked to be of a high quality when I saw them in store. Definitely a lot of shoe for the money.
PSA - TK Maxx website has a small range of what appear to be Cheaney Imperials at £150, sadly not in my size.   Also some Loake almond grain chukkas with Dainite soles at £90, which I couldn't resist.   http://tinyurl.com/crfhtns
Be the envy of your Dover-wearing friends with these stunning apron-stitched split-toe Chambords. In thick and luxurious red-brown Meleze Buffalo (Lobbspeak for lightly grained calf) on the Commando sole, these really are exquisite in the flesh and I hope my mobile photos have done them justice.   New and unworn. I bought them for myself having never tried the 8695 last (mea culpa) and they do not fit my low-arched feet. I considered stuffing the tongue and adding a...
I saw these Cheaney Imperials ("Earl's Row") in TK Maxx on Charing Cross Road today. A very handsome shoe and an astonishing steal at £150. Sadly there were none in my size.
I believe the double rows of nails with single central nail is indicative of Alfred Sargent.
Still available?
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