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Howick navy linen two piece, half price in a sale for £125. Fits great, nice detailing, doesn't overheat in the summer, heavy enough to wear in the cold. Wore it to a meeting today with the red-brown wholecuts I recently acquired from Randomore - went smoothly.  
I've never measured but visually Dainite and double leather seem the same thickness.   Certainly no need to protect any part of a Dainite sole - you will not be wearing through the toe section in a hurry! Firstly, the material is extremely hard wearing. Secondly, most of the contact with the ground is made by the 'studs'.   If you want a sleeker, less agricultural look, I believe EG has a thinner rubber sole known as the 'Thames'.
Good. It felt too much like cheating.
These are wholesale prices, right? It looks like each style would need to be ordered in a minimum batch of six. I don't know what "consecutive" means in this context. Consecutive sizes?   I would be in for something in a UK12E.
Great info!   But £300...?
Not desiderata, exactly, but... what on God's earth these extraordinary Lobb creations?!   http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/John-Lobb-shoes-size-8-5-brand-new-in-box-/121100285872        
I would've, except they're a C. Slightly weird size and the second tine I've seen NOS EGs on Ebay in 12.5C. Obviously never see them in a sensible size like 12.5E - I guess those ones all got worn!Very nice deal for someone lucky enough to have long thin feet.
Can someone please explain why these are still for sale?   EG Dover 10.5 11 D 606 two tone & texture $550 absolutely livid they are not in my size
Still don't get it, but no matter...   If you're going to be in London at some point, you may want to look in New & Lingwood on Jermyn Street. Last time I was there (a few weeks ago) they still had some shoes left from their winter sale, the majority of which were loafers. They were heavily discounted, although I wouldn't necessarily characterise these as shoes to throw away. It may be worth phoning ahead to check that the sale stock is still...
New Posts  All Forums: