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I know, that's why I didn't comment on them until egged on by Zapasman! I think that's a good call. Loafers are the least forgiving shoes to fit. They have to be spot on.
Yes, I don't like loafers with patterned socks. Single colour all the way.
To be fair he posted once about his high-end ties five and a half years ago.
I was rather fond of this Zodiac silver dot diver before I lost it in a nightclub:
@Rstldr loafers need to start snug as they have no means of being tightened. Your toes seem to splay laterally whereas the last you have chosen angles in. It's possible they will stretch - especially if they are unlined - but visually from above they don't look like a great match to your feet.
Not to my taste, but wooden watches are not without pedigree: Image credit: hqmilton.com
Yes, nothing bad will happen to your shoes.
Re malaka, if you'd worn them for the last two years the soles would have been ready to replace now!
When the care products cost more than the shoes.
Why don't you call them?
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