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For what it's worth, I agree with @rbhan12, @smoothie1, and @Fishball. This is completely normal with closed channel shoes, of which I have several pairs. It's not an issue over which you should waste time, effort, and money returning the shoes. The thin rib of sole leather that covers the channel is cemented down. This bond is weak enough to be separated by the stresses placed on it during walking. Whether it does will depend on the combination of last and gait. Even if...
Congratulations. A friend has this and it's a stunning watch in the flesh. Glows, somehow.
^ Yes, it's stunning. History, elegance, craftsmanship, quirkiness - all on one wrist. My next watch will have to be a Reverso.
^ I wasn't trying to put words in your mouth. I was genuinely curious about the appeal. For me, they look far too... generic for that price point. There is a limit to how far build quality can elevate designs like that. Maybe they have some magic inside, but what's on the outside makes me not care. For that money I'd buy a secondhand piece, like the Zenith I put up a few posts back. You can get an OQ for that money. Classic designs, and a tiny fragment of horological...
Yes. What's the big fuss about them? They look like those Kahuna watches you used to see at airports.
I'm sure you're right. When someone buys said product (as I did last year) they start noticing other people wearing it!
A fair point, on top of which their means have grown much faster than the CPI. Such indicators refer only to the plebs.
Oh dear. I guess that means I'll have to buy another so I can start using it myself. Anyone have a view on the Zenith El Primero "De Luca II"? Seems like an attractive poor man's alternative to a Daytona at around USD 3k. I understand the movement is solid (and also a minor milestone in horological history). Example:
Agree with you. That's why I wrote almost. I doubt I'll ever part with my Oysterquartz because I love its 1970s futurist aesthetic. Plus it's one of the rarer Rolexes - I've only seen one other in the wild.Also, shouldn't the plural of Rolex be Rolices?
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