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Not true. That is one possible difference. @HanEyeAm has already mentioned other differences.An opinion combined with a generalisation. Top stuff. Regarding the former, are you actually a Jared customer or have you just read a few reviews?Good for you.How arrogant of you to label as "uneducated" people who shop with authorised dealers, which I imagine includes many people on this forum. What a poor idea you have of education, that its outcome is a person who knows how to...
What's all this open 9 day nonsense then?
Dat silver stick dial. Design classic.
It's nothing. They're shoes, not museum pieces. Wear and enjoy.
I suspect the bigger worry would be whether the instep on the loafer last is lower than on the Oxford last, to compensate for the lack of tightening mechanism. If so, then you might find the switch disastrous.
I'm sure your cobbler can "handle" any sole, if all this means is sticking on a Topy. I think others are suggesting it would be something of a travesty to bastardise and conceal an object as beautifully crafted as a St Crispin sole. A good and conscientious cobbler might similarly baulk at the idea. I, having never owned such an expensive shoe, cannot comment on this, but I have also never seen the need to glue rubber to a nice leather sole.
What on Earth is the fire test? Also, if this enquiry belongs anywhere, it's the Street Wear & Denim forum.
Others might disagree, but I've always felt that that the difference between low-end and high-end shoes is much smaller in suede than in regular calf. I have suede monks by Loake 1880 and some suede chukkas by John White which I think are every bit as good as those by higher tier makers. They get a lot of use. I don't see many ways in which a top tier maker can demonstrate its prowess in suede. Brogueing and unusual stitching (e.g. Dover), perhaps, but there's not much...
@merv49 My guess is you can pair those similarly to tan grain. I think they'd look particularly good with off-white chinos. They'd also work with denim. It's no bad thing to have some "statement" shoes in one's collection.
@mogili222 Do you know what last the Peals are on? If not, why not ask Brooks Bros? If they are on the 335, then you will know what size to go for in the Skyes. Personally, I prefer the plain cap of the Peals. It makes them a little more versatile, although it sounds like your intended use is primarily informal.
New Posts  All Forums: