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 Once you've experienced a few problems due to the idiosyncrasies of your feet, you'll know what to look for. In my case, I now know when there is too much room in the vamp for my thin feet (which causes slippage inside the shoe and, therefore, friction) and when there is too little room around the little toe (which has a tendency to get nipped if the last angles in too much as it tapers to the toebox.) Your "red flags" will, of course, be different to mine. As for...
Yes, I've been there and it's very annoying. The fit seems fine in store and then the shoe starts to nip some extremity of your foot after a few hours of wear. A particular problem if:   (a) you have an unusual foot shape (I have low arch, low instep, and widely-splayed toes - like a flipper); and/or (b) you don't know how to evaluate the fit properly in store (which was the case with me about a year ago).   Unfortunately I had to take fairly substantial hits on three...
If you noticed it within seconds, then you really should have noticed it in the store. I don't see how you can take these back now: I assume they're not faulty and you've worn them so they can't be resold. But best of luck with it.
  Don't see how you can go wrong with these!
Heel nails suggest EG, no?   If only they were one size bigger...
Not the Derby, too rustic.
Black penny loafers with bright socks.
Why not go for a black loafer? It goes with a suit but will also look great with your Levis, as well as being different and distinctive. I would choose penny over tassel. Something like the Sydney.
The raised seam (or whatever it's called) and stitching on the apron are different too. Although it's hard to see in the photos, the seam on the Piccadillys is cut along the midline and the stitching is with a fine thread. The seam on the Cleverleys is not cut and is stitched with a much thicker thread or possibly bristle.   Not alike at all, and both keepers!
New Posts  All Forums: