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A six year old crease, at that!
Isn't that the definition of a watch?
Back from the cobbler with new toe plates, and a quick polish by me:     Just noticed they have blind waists. Is this normal for G&G?  
There were two adelaide brogues: a cherry St James II and an oak Chesterfield (second), both on TG73 which didn't quite suit me. I believe the shoe with the raised seams was indeed a Gable, and not to my taste. There was another shoe in the same bespoke last as my Antibes, a yellow austerity brogue which was also not to my taste despite the excellent fit.
Quick snap of my pickup yesterday: vintage oak Antibes on a bespoke last. Beautiful leatherwork and they fit like a glove.  
There are no springs, just a hinge between the main part and the heel unit. They are proper bespoke lasts - they even have the person's name on them. Makes sense they would be harder to insert than sprung lasts, but bloody hell...!
Just bought a pair of vintage oak Antibes in the sample sale. They're on a bespoke last and came with lasted trees. They are nigh on impossible to insert and remove. Yes, the trees fill up the interior perfectly but I feel like I'm damaging the shoes just getting them in and out. Is this normal with lasted trees?
G&G had 5 pairs in size 12, nothing larger. There was a rioja Hove, a couple of brown adelaides, some kind of wholecut with raised seams, and I think a brown loafer with twisted strap. The Hoves were beautiful but a little too large in the vamp for me.J Fitzpatrick had a lovely dark brown boot in 12.5, sadly too large for me. Not much else in the big sizes.The Hoves and the JF boot were the top picks. Also some great shoes on display in the queue!
Had some interest in the C&J shoes and the Glenbrae jumper. Here are details and pics: Shoes C&J for New & Lingwood bluchers in Burgundy Cavalry Calf. Same as the now-discontinued "Lanark" in C&J's version of corrected grain leather. This is a high quality CG leather treated in the same way as Cordovan during the tanning process by impregnating with cow's fat. (In fact one of the salespeople at C&J on Jermyn Street thought it was Cordovan.) Size UK 11.5E on the 341 last...
I'm inclined to agree on the jacket. I know it's all the rage these days, but I wish I'd gone for a long on this. I think the jacket sleeves are ok, the problem is the monkey-length shirt sleeves (which were charity shopped the next day). All in all, not a post-worthy fit.
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