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  You could say the same about their own-brand shoes. It frustrates me that a company capable of producing timeless classics of exceptional quality for other labels chooses to sell under its own name only fashion-forward rubbish for metrosexuals, creatives, and other Hoxtonites.   PS I'm planning to wear my Poulsen Skone/GMP loafers with shorts to a barbeque today. Can I get away with this?  
I've never owned an expensive watch, but I guess the logic is that watches don't wear when you wear them, whereas suits and shoes most certainly do. Therefore, a $10k watch purchased today may still be worth $10k in years to come, while a $2k suit will certainly be worth very little. You're not really spending $10k on the watch, since most of it's value is retained.
It may interest some of you to know that Shipton & Heneage use (used?) Yanko as a manufacturer. I recently bought this split-toe derby, and you can see Yanko's mark on the rubber sole. I must say it was a beautifully made shoe, a good notch above the C&J split-toe I have at present, but the fit wasn't right so I couldn't keep it. A real bargain at £169, although not many sizes are left.   PS I have nothing to do with S&H, other than having bought one pair of shoes...
The shoes they make for Paul Stuart and New & Lingwood (the latter under either the St James Handgrade or Poulsen Skone labels) are exceptional. As good as Green, if not better. I believe these are what were sold as "Masterpieces" under their own name, but they don't appear to offer them any more. The closest appears to be the less classic G-zero collection.   I recently picked up two pairs of the N&L versions for £200-250 in the winter and summer sales, which proved...
You could try Foster & Son a little further down Jermyn Street. They sell Greens on the 88 last, the progenitor of the 808 and 888 with a traditional English rounded toe. I believe Foster owns this last and Green no longer uses it under its own label. RTW prices are comparable.
ENDING SUNDAY   All three pairs still at their starting bids. Absolute steals at these prices.     Two Cleverleys and a Lobb. Beautiful shoes. All UK 12 / US 12.5. Low starting bids.   G. J. Cleverley "Charles" Dark Brown Antique Calf 12 UK / 12.5 US - BARELY WORN 1 bid £149.00     G. J. Cleverley "Adam" Chestnut Antique Calf 12 UK / 12.5 US - BARELY WORN 0 bids £179.00     John Lobb "Chambord" Meleze Buffalo Calf 12 UK / 12.5 US -...
I'm no expert, but isn't Saphir Renomat the go-to product for stripping? It has always done the job for me and never damaged the leather. Am I missing something?
For sheer boldness of the tie per se, I gave it to rms340 and An Acute Style. But for impact when combined with shirt and jacket, it was in stitches.
My poor weather shoe: the "Cambridge" by Shipton & Heneage on a Dainite sole. I guess this is a poor man's Dover but I really like it. I think the size of the "lake" is spot-on and the lining is padded for extra comfort.  
First outing for this beauty last week:     Edit: taken within last 7 days, hope that counts!
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