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FWIW my experience is that Loake's rubber quarter heels wear by far the slowest of the brands I've worn (which include almost all the Northampton makers). I don't know what they're made of, but it's no ordinary rubber!
 You need to ascertain whether this is just normal "nap" or whether the suede has been damaged by overbrushing. If it is just the nap standing up, then brushing (or even wiping by hand) in the opposite direction will smooth it back down. I must admit it looks rather too severe to be nap. If you have damaged the leather, then you could try singeing the "hairs" off carefully with a flame. I have done this successfully for frayed stitching but never for damaged leather like...
Sorry, I meant does it have a name?
And what about the little semicircular flap that sometimes covers it?
Two beauties, IMHO. I guess I'm a sucker for light dials. Great ideas.
That doesn't help.
^ the Pepsi homage bezel looks great with a white dial, but are those things cuffs or watch flaps?
Yes, that's the one. It predates the quartz, so it is the origin of that timeless case and bracelet design (influences, e.g. RO, notwithstanding). I suspect that combines with the scarcity @Dino944 highlighted to give it standing among collectors. It was mentioned in reverent tones last time I visited the RSC in London.
You might be able to snare an old Oysterquartz, then. I've seen them go for around that on eBay and Chrono24. In fact, there's a nice looking one with a starting price of $1,600 here. You can get lucky with these.I got mine for the equivalent of $2,400 last summer, but it was in very crisp condition (below). It sits perfectly on my narrow wrist, looks great, and goes with almost anything.(For the real aficionados there's also a 1530 on the block here. Rare as hen's teeth...
I've only had one Savile Row suit made, but my tailor indicated no strict rule when we discussed this. He was happy with 2-4 buttons. I ended up bespeaking three.
New Posts  All Forums: