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A friendly suggestion: I wouldn't use this photo in your advertising.He looks like he's wishing he'd bought a different watch.
Congratulations on your rapid promotion from G-shock to haute horologie. It's a little large for my taste, but what a wonderful art deco dial. The complication is nicely executed and doesn't detract from the cleanness and simplicity of the design.
Perfect size. The case, and to a lesser extent the bracelet, resemble the Oysterquartz. I think it's the subtly squared-off "cushion" corners. Simultaneously elegant and sporty.I agree with you - that's a watch for any occasion. (Of course, this means you have no excuse for owning others.)
The marker angles look a little off because the axel of the hands is not in the centre of the dial.
^ Good spot. I'm showing my age. From what I've seen in store, they do the basics well. There's a certain lack of precision in the finer details, which I rather like because the shoes look handmade. Therefore, I wouldn't commission a complicated pair from them, at least not to start with. Don't expect a pair of Templemans at this price point, but I'd be very happy with these plain toe derbies:
Elias & Grandsons in London W4 make handsewn bespoke shoes for £650. They use last modification rather than turning a fresh last from wood. Samples are on display in store. I haven't used them yet for anything other than repairs (which have been excellent) but I'm thinking of commissioning a pair soon. They have a Twitter feed but apparently no website:
... that tell the time badly.
You might also find that they sound nicer.
I was quoted £90 on my RTW pair in the Savile Row shop. I got them done very nicely by a central London cobbler for £20 instead.(P.S. not trying to suggest GG is overcharging here - it must be much more costly for them to divert factory resources to toe-tapping than for a cobbler who is set up to do precisely that kind of work.)
...and stitched with the split hairs.This is a good result. You get toe taps installed at the factory (with an implicit guarantee against mishap) for what it would cost at a decent cobbler.
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