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Yes, the bracelet has intrinsic value for the same price. I don't actually like it and I would wear the watch on a leather strap. But the bracelet doesn't wear down, so I will always be able to sell it on with an original JLC bracelet.The main ding is on the horizontal bars above the dial. It's more like a gouge and I'm pretty sure it's not buffable. It's not the worst thing but it is noticeable, whereas the case on watch B is flawless.It's an exquisite dilemma!
Would appreciate some purchasing advice. I've found two Reverso Grande Tailles in which I'm interested. Watch A has a flawless dial and is on the "beads of rice" metal bracelet. It has a few noticeable dings on the case. It comes with papers only, no box. Watch B has a flawless case and comes with box and papers. It's on a generic leather strap with original buckle. The dial looks a mite less clean than watch A's. They are the same price. What does the canny collector...
Shoe collection liquidation sale. All auctions start at 99p with no reserve, and end on Sunday.   Edward Green (for Foster & Son) full brogue dark brown calf UK 12   Crockett & Jones (for New & Lingwood) Cavalry Blucher burgundy UK 11.5   Alfred Sargent (for AFPOS) black calf cap toe balmoral shoes UK 11.5   Alfred Sargent "Charlton" tan grain calf apron shoes UK 12   Loake 1880 "Cannon" double monks dark brown suede UK 11
Any views on the JLC Reverso GT Shadow? I saw one in Paris at the weekend. The dial is a thing of beauty and cunning: at some angles the inner rectangle appears lighter than the outer; at others the reverse is true. (The watch seller described it as the "Double Reverso" for this reason.) But the matt grey steel case made me reluctant. It looks so non-luxurious, faintly military, and frankly cheap. Am I missing a crucial piece of aesthetic logic here? Example:
Case shape?
I think we should Make American Capes Again.
I was really asking if you could put some numbers to those currency symbols. I couldn't find any prices listed on the company's website.The pieces look impressive, not only in execution but also in design.
I watched this. He uses scissors, which are a machine.
I think you can relax. I struggle to imagine it would pay anyone to produce a convincing fake of a driving shoe that can be purchased direct from the manufacturer for £70. Especially not to the extent that the unusual sole stitching pattern is correct. This ain't Rolex.
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