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I see parallels with John Lobb's (RTW) recent transformations. Time will tell whether these forays from style into fashion pay off. It feels like there's not enough business to go around, so someone has to roll the dice...
No, he is saying you should only use slim fit shirts and sweaters in this combo. A baggy shirt will have folds beneath the sweater, creating bulges in odd places.In truth, it's probably just the shirt that needs to be slim fit.
Go back and snap the 12s, godammit. I'm sick of this sizism.
Yes, I was wondering whether Pizza was a new season model that I hadn't heard about.
Yes, my EG Malverns for Foster & Son have that tab instead of the "frog" stitch that EG tends to use on its own label shoes.
Yes, I would say the leather and construction are of similar quality. I don't think you will be disappointed.
Hello. The last is quite short and rather spacious in the instep. I wouldn't say it is unusually wide. I can't compare it to other lasts, but you should ask Sarah at AFPOS about this. She is extremely helpful and knowledgeable.Regarding quality, I consider them on a par with C&J. The AFPOS black caps have two design features which make them particularly interesting: the balmoral/galosh throat which extends all the way to the heel; and the swan neck stitching. They are very...
I imagine RTW comfort is governed by the compatibility of last with foot. For me, my EG Malverns on the 88 (for Foster & Son) have always felt like walking on air. No breaking in required.
Yes, there is no clear brand identity at present. The Bowen shop in Piccadilly Arcade is worth visiting. I popped in a few months ago and it had the Armfields on sale, which were spectacular. Sadly the last (99, I think) did not work for me. Bowen is a French company - maybe the name has more recognition there.
Almost all makers produce "re-badged" shoes, often to a different standard from their main lines. Even Edward Green used to this, e.g. for Foster and New & Lingwood. However, except among the cognoscenti here, their reputations will be based on their own lines. Sargent are clearly capable of producing high quality shoes, I would say on a par with C&J's top offerings. The question is can they market them successfully themselves, or will they rely on resellers?
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